Coronavirus already in Italy by December, wastewater study finds

Coronavirus already in Italy by December, wastewater study finds

Coronavirus already in Italy by December, wastewater study finds

These findings are consistent with the estimates of chinese scientists who rely on the appearance of the virus in mid-December at a market in Wuhan selling the game, even though Beijing has recently suggested that the virus could arrive in China from overseas.

A couple from Rome who had travelled from China became Italy's first recorded case of coronavirus in late January.

They also "confirm the by-now consolidated worldwide evidence" as to the strategic function of sewer samples as an early detection tool, it added.

And some studies and reports have suggested that the virus might have been present in China before December.

The Italian National Institute of Health looked at 40 sewage samples collected from wastewater treatment plants in northern Italy between October 2019 and February 2020.

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"This research can help to understand the beginning of the movement of the virus in Italy and provides consistent information in relation to the' analyses carried out by France on samples of patients in the hospital who have identified a positive Sars-CoV-2 (.) dating back to December 2019", said the release of the ISS.

Italy was the first European country to be hard-hit by the virus and the first in the world to impose a nationwide lockdown.

Samples taken in October and November 2019 examined damaging.

However she said the research did not "automatically imply that the main transmission chains that led to the development of the epidemic in our country originated from these very first cases".

On February 21 the government ordered Codogno shuttered, followed by nine other towns across Lombardy and Veneto.

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Italy has been one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but since May has seen a slowdown in the contagions and death rates.

The ISS stated the benefits verified the "strategic relevance" of sewage water as an early detection tool due to the fact it can signal the virus's existence just before instances are clinically verified.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, researchers across the world have been tracing the spread of the coronavirus through wastewater and sewage, finding genetic traces.

The new ISS study "may contribute to shedding light on the first phase of the virus's circulation in Italy", La Rosa said. The samples were analysed in two different laboratories with two separate methods, the institute said.

The institute has presented a proposal to the Italian Ministry of Health to surveil wastewater systems for coronavirus and hopes to launch a pilot study in tourist locations.

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