Don't miss this weekend's 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse

Surya Grahan 2020 Know how this Solar Eclipse 2020 will impact Aries Libra Leo and other zodiac signs

A Unique "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Fast Nearing; Here's How You Can Endure It

The overshadowing will happen only one day after the mid-year solstice on Sunday, June 21.

It's a celestial event that happens when a new moon is furthest away from Earth on its elliptical orbit, meaning that it doesn't completely cover the sun's disk.

This weekend's solar eclipse is all the more special as it coincides with the summer solstice - only the second occasion since 1982 these astronomical events occurred simultaneously.

However the eclipse will only be visible in the sky to people living in certain parts of the world.

At the peak of the eclipse on June 21, the moon will block 99.4 percent of the Sun right as the pair dance above the skies of northern India. A partial eclipse will be seen over most of Asia, Africa, South and East Europe, northern Australia, and parts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, he added.

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IMPOWhile you will need to take precautions to protect your eyes if you are there in person, online the solar eclipse is perfectly safe to view with unprotected eyes.

On December 14, the last total solar eclipse of 2020 will occur, and the Moon should come between the Earth and Sun, casting its darkest shadow - the umbra - on the Earth. This is because the moon's path is slanted from the Sun's path by 5 degrees.

"The yellow lines crossing the path indicate the time and position of maximum eclipse at 10-minute intervals".

Therefore, when the sun is obstructed by the moon, if the moon is close to earth, just like a finger held too close to the eye can obstruct views of large buildings, the moon will cover the sun entirely and people on earth witness a total solar eclipse. In this way, you will only see the edge of the Sun, creating a kind of ring.

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It is important that people use eclipse glasses when watching the "Ring of Fire " as a glance at the event can cause your retina to burn.

A penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on July 4-5.

Quiron said the event is best viewed in Itbayat, Batanes and Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, which have an eclipse obscuration of up to 91 percent.

PAGASA warned the public that they should never look directly at the Sun during any type of solar eclipse as it is risky and can damage the eyes.

If you plan on watching the eclipse through a camera, a telescope, or binoculars, buy a solar filter to place on the end of the lens.

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In this combination of three separate photographs, the various stages of an annular solar eclipse are seen over Male, Maldives, Friday, Jan. 15, 2010. View the solar eclipse through a special telescope, or eclipse goggles to avoid any harm to the eyes.

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