Eclipse season starts 5 June: Here’s what you need to know

Strawberry Moon

‘Strawberry Moon’ to illuminate the night. Here’s what to know | Miami Herald

This phenomenon occurs when the moon passes through the earth's penumbra (during a total eclipse, it passes through the earth's shadow cone). This full moon was their sign to harvest wild strawberries, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

On Friday, people across most parts of the world will be able to witness a "Strawberry Moon".

The full moon rises behind above the ancient marble Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, southeast of Athens, on the eve of the summer solstice on June 20, 2016.

An eclipse can only happen when we have a full moon, and takes place when the sun, the Earth and the moon line up.

The moon is doing something cool on Friday, and you could see it.

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There are many beliefs about how the full moon affects people too, from increases in number of births to misbehavior.

According to WHO-13 in Des Moines, the Strawberry Moon is set to appear in our skies tonight.

The Strawberry Moon is one the nicknames given to June's full moon, but not because it will turn red (although in 2020 anything seems possible).

This will be followed by a ring eclipse on June 21, a lunar eclipse on July 5, a fourth lunar eclipse on November 30, and finally a total solar eclipse on December 14. Unfortunately, the June Full Moon "strawberry" nickname does not refer to a color.

As the bright parts of the moon appear to change shape during the month, each stage of the change is called a phase, and each phase carries its own name.

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The phenomenon, also known as a penumbral eclipse, occurs when the earth, sun and moon are all aligned. "During this eclipse the Moon will not be in the sky for most of the Americas". Also known as the "Transylvania effect", it is the belief the full moon causes people to go mad. Master eclipse photographer Fred Espenak took this photo when the moon was 88.9% immersed in Earth's penumbral shadow.

That this Strawberry Moon will also have a pinkish hue thanks to the partial eclipse is pleasant serendipity! Combined, they make an up this year's eclipse season.

NASA's Gordon Johnston has rounded up a list of alternative moon names this month, including mead moon, honeymoon, hot moon, and moon planting.

Other than the Strawberry Moon eclipse on 5 June, set your alarms for the following space events as well.

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