D.C. readies for large-scale George Floyd protest

Judge temporarily bans Denver Police Department from using tear gas, pepper balls on protesters

Judge BLOCKS Denver police from using tear gas & plastic bullets on ‘peaceful’ protesters

The killing has sparked protests against racism and police brutality in cities and smaller communities nationwide, as well as demonstrations around the world.

It was not clear how many would show up for Saturday's demonstrations, but #1MillionDCSaturday was trending on Twitter in a call for 1 million people to march on the capital.

"Our voices need to be heard", he said.

"This will ensure that people protesting police brutality are not subject to police brutality", he said.

More on George Floyd's deathWhat do protesters want?

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Former officer Derek Chauvin was sacked for kneeling on Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes in an incident captured on video.

A televised memorial service will also be held in the city. Thousands took to the streets across Australia, as did hundreds in Tokyo and Seoul, while marches were expected around Europe.

In Seattle, police Chief Carmen Best ordered officers to stop using tear gas on protesters for the next 30 days after more than 12,000 people complained about the tactics the department had been using.

As the Colorado Sun reported, Jackson's order allows Denver police to use chemical agents and some projectiles against demonstrators "if an on-scene supervisor at the rank of captain or above specifically authorizes such use of force in response to specific acts of violence or destruction of personal property that the supervisor witnessed".

In the ruling, Judge Jackson writes that in those instances, police officers had "ample time for reflection and were not dealing with unsafe conditions", adding that the demonstrators, journalists and medics at the protests were targeted with extreme tactics "meant to suppress riots, not to suppress demonstrations".

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Most of the protesters wore masks or gloves and also chanted " black lives matter " and "we will not be silent". Some Twitter users were offended by the expletive language used by the Pacific Rim: Uprising star.

In Minneapolis, Democratic city leaders voted to end the use of knee restraints and choke-holds, where pressure is applied to the neck, while California Governor Gavin Newsom said he would end state police training of carotid restraints similar to the technique used on Floyd.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his state would lead the way in passing reforms, including banning choke holds and making police disciplinary records publicly available.

It will be a tribute "about the life that Mr. George Floyd lived, and this is a time to embrace the family with expressions of love and kindness", Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said on Facebook.

On Friday, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, who has clashed with President Donald Trump over his hard-line handling of the unrest, unveiled a street mural that reads "Black Lives Matter" in giant yellow letters on the road leading directly to the presidential mansion. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a Democrat who in April proposed increasing law enforcement funding, this week reversed course and said he would seek some $150 million USA in cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department. Alex Vitale, author of The End of Policing, explains what defunding the police might look like.

And on Thursday in New York City, officers baton-charged dozens of peaceful protesters defying a curfew in the Bronx after pinning them in, leaving them with nowhere to run, several reports said.

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Bowser also officially named a section of 16th Street in front of the White House "Black Lives Matter Plaza" and overnight activated light projections onto buildings facing the White House with the same message.

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