Three giant asteroids to zip past Earth in June, reveals NASA

Eros a somewhat near-earth asteroid

Asteroid ‘taller than the Empire State Building’ is flying close to Earth at 11,200 mph

(Gray News) - On top of murder hornets and a pandemic, the people of Earth have a massive asteroid to worry about this weekend.

NASA has described the asteroid as an NEO, which allows the space agency to study the history of our solar system.

Two days later, on Monday 8 June, Asteroid 2013 XA22 will pass by Earth during the early morning hours at 5:40 SAST, at a distance of approximately 2.94 kilometres.

Image taken by NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission, showing a close-up view of NNA4.

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An asteroid potentially larger than the CN Tower is set to hurtle past Earth on Saturday.

Any object over 150m wide which approaches Earth within that distance, nearly 20 times the distance to the moon, is deemed as potentially hazardous.

According to NASA, any object larger than 150 metres that passes within 7.5 million kilometres of Earth is considered potentially hazardous. Here's what we know about the larger visitors.

But don't run to your anti-asteroid bunker just yet - it'll be passing us from a safe distance of more than five million kilometres away.

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2002 NN4 is small in "absolute terms", compared to other asteroids like (52768) 1998 OR2 which passed by Earth in April this year coming in at over 6,500 feet and passing Earth by almost 4 million miles away, according to Smithsonian Magazine. However, there is no reason to be anxious as the distance at which asteroid 2002 NN4 is approaching Earth only within the safe limit. It has a peak size of 310 metres in its diameter.

The largest asteroid named '163348 (2002 NN4)' which is estimated to be between 250m and 570m in diameter would fly by Earth on June 6. There are now 958,621 known asteroids, according to NASA.

NASA fears the asteroid, which has the potential to wipe out a country on Earth, could hit our planet within the next 120 years, with the next close flyby in 2135.

Most of these asteroids pass harmlessly with little fanfare.

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