Hong Kong blasts Trump's 'double standards' on riot response

US slams China for nixing Tiananmen vigil in Hong Kong

China trolls US ‘double standards’ amid George Floyd protests

In Asia, Hong Kong's Hang Seng index jumped 3.4% to 23,732.52.

Mr Speaker, as all members will know, Hong Kong's historic success was built on its autonomy, its freedoms and the remarkable resourcefulness and determination of its people.

The demonstrators are "thugs". "We support students in safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law", Mr. Zhao said. The proposed law, which is expected to be implemented later this summer, has sparked protests in Hong Kong.

Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokesperson of the Communist Party of China, took aim at perceived double standards, tweeting "I can't breathe".

Even though there is rising anti-immigrant and anti-Asian sentiment in the United Kingdom, "it's still better than Hong Kong", he said.

Trump threatens military force to quell George Floyd death protests
President Trump recently addressed the nation and promised an end to ongoing unrest as well as the restoration of law and order. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called the anti-racism protests "understandable and more than legitimate".

According to the forthcoming National Security Law of Hong Kong, It will be forbidden for Hong Kong residents to engage in separatism or subversion of the state (including the Hong Kong SAR government), or to collaborate with foreign forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs or organise terrorist activities.

Observers are keeping tabs on violent protests gripping some of the United States' biggest cities following the killing of a black man by a police officer, with Trump threatening to send soldiers into the streets.

Beijing has always been infuriated by criticism from Western capitals, especially Washington, over its handling of the protests that shook Hong Kong a year ago. "I hadn't considered emigrating or working overseas before this", she said. "Are we going to consider that as a possibility to make the United States welcome Hong Kong people to come here and bring their entrepreneurial creativity to our country?" "This kind of thinking is intolerable".

China recently hit out at U.S. amid ongoing anti-racism protests in the city, and accused the country of hypocrisy as it using the same tools of suppression like tear gas, and military might to contain the protests.

In an official readout, the U.S. Department of State's spokesperson said the senior officials from the five anglophone countries also discussed "coordination to maintain supply chains for PPE and medical equipment and our joint efforts to control the export of sensitive technology".

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The weather front is likely to form a tropical depression later on Monday or by Tuesday local time, the Miami-based NHC said. The fatalities were all recorded in El Salvador, Interior Minister Mario Duran said, warning that the death toll could rise.

China calls on the worldwide community to further build a consensus in support of multilateralism, increase financial and political support for the WHO, and safeguard the global public health security.

Washington has been critical of the Hong Kong government's response to the ongoing pro-democracy protests, where riot police have been accused of using disproportionate force.

However, even if Beijing and its loyalists in Hong Kong try to emphasize the parallels and blur the differences between the protests, it is precisely the differences that matter most.

We will stand by them, we will live up to our responsibilities.

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