Pharma chiefs see coronavirus vaccine by year-end, but challenges 'daunting'

Well over 100 labs around the world are scrambling to come up with a vaccine against the novel coronavirus

Pharma chiefs see coronavirus vaccine by year-end, but challenges 'daunting'

Nobody will get preferential access to a potential COVID-19 drug developed by vaccine maker Themis Bioscience, which is being bought by US pharmaceuticals firm Merck & Co Inc, the Austrian firm's chief executive said on Thursday. The USA Orders 300 Million Doses Of A Potential Coronavirus Vaccine The British medicine maker said that it had signed the first agreement at least 400 million doses of vaccine, which is developing by Oxford University.Only less of the vaccines in development advanced to human trials.

This morning, GSK said its pandemic adjuvant technology can make a significant contribution against COVID-19 as it has in a previous flu pandemic. It will also work with USA biotech Ridgeback Biotherapeutics to develop Ridgeback's early-stage antiviral candidate to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The search for a vaccine is a race against time scientists say

Precision Vaccinations publishes coronavirus vaccine development news.

Experts have predicted that a successful vaccine will take more than a year to develop.

SpaceX to launch historic Nasa astronaut mission
If successful, NASA hopes today's trip will enable them to contract out all future crew transportation to the commercial sector. These monitors help the astronauts control the mechanics of the spacecraft and navigate their way to the ISS.

The United States last week secured nearly a third of the first 1 billion doses planned for AstraZeneca's experimental COVID-19 vaccine by pledging up to $1.2 billion.

The vaccine comprises a non-replicating adenovirus vector with the addition of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein of the COVID-19 virus. According to Tauber, the specific integration plans for the two companies have yet to be decided. As there is now no vaccine available for coronavirus, but researchers and medicine makers are working on it.It could take a minimum of 18 months to develop. Over the past decade, Advent has manufactured hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine for over 10 different infectious diseases.

Joe Biden makes first public appearance since March 15
I think people are sitting around hoping that Trump loses instead of going out there and actually beating him. Mr Biden has not made an official public appearance since he cancelled a rally in Cleveland on 10 March.

Other promising vaccine approaches do without adjuvants.

"Vaccine development is a very complex and expensive process and there are several steps to ensure safety as well as efficacy as we move towards regulatory approval of a vaccine", commented Tauber.

Poll says only half of Americans would get a COVID-19 vaccine
Yet the poll found just 25% of African Americans and 37% of Hispanics would get a vaccine compared to 56% of whites. The covid19 vaccine candidate has been developed by Osaka University and biopharmaceutical firm AnGes Inc.

"It's a race against the virus disappearing, and against time", Adrian Hill told The Sunday Telegraph, "but at the moment, there's a 50 percent chance that we get no result at all".

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