Cuomo Looks To 'turn the page' On Virus As Suburbs Reopen

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at his briefing

With dipping cases and deaths, Covid-19 hotspot New York turns the corner

The office of Gov. Cuomo and New York Department of Health did not immediately return Busines Insider's request for comment.

Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced additional steps for the state to reopen, including allowing professional sports teams to hold training camps, as the state reported a slight increase of COVID-19 deaths. The PSA campaign will aim to target teenagers and young adults, many of whom have stubbornly resisted donning masks and other personal protective equipment.

"It's going to lessen also the anxiety of going into a store", said Perez, whose star turn in "Do The Right Thing" is among her acting credits. Traders are now required to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. "Fine. But then you don't have a right to go into that store if that store owner doesn't want you to", he continued.

"It's not smart. It's not smart", the governor said of refusing to wear a mask in public, noting that his chief of staff called it "stupid".

"So now somebody can complain about wearing a mask".

NY officials said Sunday that American professional sports teams can return to their training facilities in the state that was slammed the hardest of all by the coronavirus pandemic.

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While New York has remained the virus' epicenter, a majority of the cases and deaths stemmed from New York City, which has reported more than 200,000 cases of the novel coronavirus as of Thursday.

The ostensible goal of his Wednesday White House visit is to woo President Donald Trump on supporting infrastructure projects like a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River, which Cuomo has said are key to reinvigorating the state economy. "I don't care who you're going to vote for".

"You have an infrastructure that's crumbling, you need to jumpstart the economy, you need to create jobs - do it now". We want people to be able to watch sports.

The new polling numbers are the most definitive signs yet that the wave of popularity the governor rode during the first months of the pandemic has reached its apex in the last few weeks.

"There's not a transit worker who drove a bus, or conducted a train, or walked into an emergency room who wasn't scared to death", Cuomo said. "What New York did was follow what the Republican Administration said to do". "Put your ego aside, you know, and come together".

Cuomo has defended his March order and said he was just following recommendations from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, according to a previous Business Insider report.

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NY has some of the most ambitious clean-energy targets in the country, with a law requiring the state to get all its power from emissions-free sources by 2040. NY has been the hardest hit state by the coronavirus pandemic, with the metropolitan area around the country's largest city being particularly impacted by the outbreak.

"Everyone needs to get on board". Cuomo did not mandate every resident be tested repeatedly, though said that testing is ongoing.

"Get tested, wear a mask", both Rock and Perez said.

"It's a way of saying thank you, we understand what you did, we appreciate what you did".

"They showed up because I asked them to show up", he said.

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