SpaceX to launch historic Nasa astronaut mission

SpaceX to launch historic Nasa astronaut mission

SpaceX to launch historic Nasa astronaut mission

SpaceX is scheduled to launch Crew Dragon capsule from Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2:03 am on Wednesday.

The fact that SpaceX is facilitating this first crewed launch from USA soil since the Space Shuttle era comes as a bit of a surprise, at least to those who favored Boeing and its Starliner to beat Elon Musk's company to the punch.

What is the objective of this mission?

Meanwhile, Boeing is also preparing a capsule to launch astronauts to the station, giving NASA and America two ways to get into space, and a lot of Boeing's space work is done in Huntsville.

SpaceX to launch historic Nasa astronaut mission

This is the first American manned spaceflight in almost a decade. Officials said Behnken and Hurley would likely return when weather permitted.

As well as being the country's first launch of a manned test flight in nearly a decade, extra pressure comes in the timing of the launch, with just a one-second window as the space station passes above the launch site in order to reduce the amount of fuel by Crew Dragon used in catching up with it. Hurley, who was a fighter pilot in the US Marine Corps, was on the final flight of the space shuttle Atlantis in 2011 before it was discontinued. According to his bio, joint operations commander Behnken had two missions in March 2008 and February 2010 with over 700 hours in space between both missions. They'll now depart from the United States on SpaceX capsules, powered by rockets that can land on platforms and be partially reused.

How will the astronauts get to the space station?

If the skies remain cloud-free, the rocket will be visible around 15 to 20 minutes after launch - which could be between 9.48pm and 9.53pm. However, the crew can put the spacecraft into a "manual mode" and control it directly, whether they are trying to dock with the space station, land back on Earth or even abort a launch and return to the ground. Bob has logged a total of 708 hours in space and 37 hours of spacewalk time.

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Behnken and Hurley will spend one to four months on station before the second half of their critical mission: departure, Earth re-entry, and splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean. After considering the proposals, NASA chose the cheapest options and provided SpaceX $ 2.6 billion for the further development of the ship. In just 12 years, the company has essentially built its own space program, and is now constructing a giant Starship with ambitions, someday, to carry colonists to Mars. These monitors help the astronauts control the mechanics of the spacecraft and navigate their way to the ISS.

Ms Walker is a member of the next SpaceX mission scheduled to launch later this year.

If successful, NASA hopes today's trip will enable them to contract out all future crew transportation to the commercial sector. The broadcast will continue the following day with the spacecraft docking to the ISS.

Crew Dragon is a capsule like Apollo, but updated for the 21st century.

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Space flight is a risky endeavour and neither SpaceX nor NASA are likely to be taking any chances.

"We've looked at all the stuff that we need to look at, and when we're ready to launch, we'll go do it", he told reporters.

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