Eight more Covid-19 deaths in Powys

It said 4,210 deaths involving COVID-19 were registered in the seven days to Friday 15 May.

The number of deaths involving coronavirus registered in the United Kingdom reached its lowest weekly level for six weeks, mirroring the drop in occurrences.

The total number of lab confirmed cases in the United Kingdom now stands at 261,184, with the daily tally at 1,625. Tuesday's ONS figures show 53,960 excess deaths in England and Wales between March 21 and May 15 2020. Figures show there were 614 excess fatalities in NHS facilities across the two nations in the week ending May 15.

In its latest update, the ONS said the percentage of deaths involving coronavirus "continued to decrease across all English regions".

The latest Covid-19 death rates in Suffolk, revealed.

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In figures launched this morning, they are saying the true quantity of people that have misplaced their lives is a large enhance on the 36,914 deaths reported by the Division of Well being on Monday night time.

Across England and Wales as a whole, the number of fatalities from all causes was 14,573.

Health chiefs across Britain today announced 209 more Covid-19 deaths, taking the official number of victims to 37,257.

A further 134 people in the United Kingdom have died after testing positive for coronavirus, according to the latest figures from the Department of Health.

The news is bad - but not quite as bad as it looks.

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The FT, using its coronavirus model, has suggested that the number of excess deaths likely to have been recorded since the pandemic began is more than 63,000.

The ONS said next week's figures will be a better representation of any trend, as it will not include bank holidays.

Another 141 people have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 13,556. Some 2,350 "excess deaths" were recorded in nursing homes in that week.

Overall, a third of deaths involving coronavirus took place outside hospital, with the majority in care homes.

In short, the mortality crisis has not gone away yet.

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