Hackers Publish iOS Jailbreak That Supports Almost All iPhones

Major iOS bug is preventing some apps from launching

An early version of iOS 14 has been on the internet for months

In an interview with Motherboard, Pwn20wnd said this new tool marks the first time a jailbreak has been released that's capable of working on all devices at launch since iOS 10.

The tool is compatible with iOS 13.5, the latest software released by Apple just a week ago. The added security risks, coupled with Apple's steady hardware and software lockdown, have made it hard to jailbreak devices deliberately. Apple will probably work fast to patch all the flaws and to close the jailbreak.

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A team of hackers has found a tool that enables iPhone smartphone users to unlock any iPhone device with iOS 11 to the latest 13.5. The Unc0ver team warns: "unc0ver Team strongly cautions against installing any iOS software update that breaks unc0ver as you can't re-jailbreak on versions of iOS that are not supported by unc0ver at that time". Removing and re-downloading the affected content normally fixes the issue, however since removing an app entirely delete that app's data as well, users are understandably reluctant to do so, but the good news is that you can work around that problem with the "offloading" process described above. The hacker group claims that it also preserves the data protection of Apple users.

Details on how the jailbreak was obtained and which vulnerability was exploited aren't known.

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It is worth to mention that previously, an early version of the mobile operating system iOS 14 was at the disposal of some security experts, hackers and media at least since February this year. Also, Apple was not informed about this vulnerability before. Although the final version of iOS 14 will be quite different, leaking version is a big thing for Apple. Garden adds a nice music page to your home screen, EyeOS is an iOS 6-style icon pack with modern touches, SnowBoard is a theme engine for iOS, and AirPort 13 lets you customize the AirPods connection UI.

The development comes as zero-day exploit broker Zerodium said it would no longer purchase iOS RCE vulnerabilities for the next few months, citing "a high number of submissions related to these vectors".

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