Reuters/Ipsos poll: A quarter of Americans are hesitant about a coronavirus vaccine

Potential COVID-19 vaccine could be ready in September

UK: Oxford vaccine goes to human trials' next phase

A number of efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine are underway around the world.

"For these groups, researchers will be assessing the immune response to the vaccine in people of different ages, to find out if there is variation in how well the immune system responds in older people or children", the researchers said.

"This contract with AstraZeneca is a major milestone in Operation Warp Speed's work toward a safe, effective, widely available vaccine by 2021", US Health Secretary Alex Azar said.

Small bottles labelled with a 'VaccineCovid-19 sticker and a medical syringe are seen in this illustration taken April 10, 2020.

Wuhan is Banning the Sale of Wild Animals at Wet Markets
Wuhan also imposed controls on the breeding of wild animals, making clear that from now on no wild animal can be reared as food. Officials noted that the local administration is planning to buy out wild animal breeders.

"If states and cities and counties are going to [open] no matter what, I would recommend that they take very specific precautions in doing that", he said.

A scientific task force from the Moscow-based National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology have already completed testing their coronavirus vaccine on animals, Alexander Ginzburg, the center's director, told Russian media on Saturday.

Thailand on Saturday began testing a vaccine against the coronavirus on monkeys after positive trials in mice, an official said. Most of us will be exposed anyway since we can't sequester until there's a vaccine, and we know which groups need protection from worst outcomes.

Trump, during a Thursday visit to a Ford Motor Co plant in MI, said the United States military is "in gear so we can give out 150 to 250 million shots quickly". Earlier this week, USA biotech Moderna Inc announced potentially promising preliminary results from just eight individuals who took part in a safety study.

COVID-19 deaths in Brazil double in 12 days
According to Bolsonaro on the novel coronavirus pandemic, "many more people die from fear than from the thing itself". No large, rigorous studies have found either drug safe or effective for preventing or treating the virus .

"If all the cards fall into the right place and all the stars are aligned, you definitely could get a vaccine by December or January", Dr Fauci said.

The poll underscores how the country's deepening polarization has affected people's view of the pandemic. He has at times downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic and encouraged public protests against his government's own stay-at-home guidelines meant to slow the pathogen's spread.

He said that the government had no other choice during the initial days of the COVID-19 outbreak to shut down.

He said a second group of 10,000 frontline workers will also participate in the study.

35 percent of coronavirus patients could be asymptomatic, CDC says
We previously knew that coronavirus could live on surfaces but that this was not the main way in which it was transmitted. "At this time , the risk of Covid-19 spreading from animals to people is considered to be low", it said.

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