Leaving hand sanitizer in hot vehicles a fire risk; Alberta doctors

Burnt out car door highlights dangers of leaving hand sanitiser in a hot vehicle

'No issue' leaving hand sanitizer in hot car, say Knox County fire officials

In a post on the Western Lakes Fire District's Facebook page, the firefighters shared a photo of a severely damaged vehicle door after a hard sanitizer allegedly caught fire and exploded.

Firefighters in Wisconsin sent out a reminder to everyone that it can be potentially unsafe to leave clear plastic water bottles or hand sanitizer in your vehicle if they're exposed to direct sunlight during hot temperatures.

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In a bid to warn the public, The Western Lakes Fire District department in Wisconsin shared a shocking image of a burnt-out auto door in a post on Facebook which had caught fire because of hand sanitiser.

Many people have stocked up on hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic but fire officials are warning to not leave the sanitizer in cars, especially during warmer weather because it could start a fire. If you keep it outside next to your grill or in your auto, the sun can hit the bottle, causing magnification of the light, and lead to a fire.

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The fire department posted pictures on Facebook showing a burned auto door.

"By its nature, most hand sanitiser is alcohol-based and therefore flammable".

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Knox County fire officials said they have had "no issues in the past" with people leaving hand sanitizer in their cars and said "no warnings had been issued". The alcohol component effective against killing germs will be less efficient as it will evaporate. But in this case, you don't want the sanitizers getting too hot. Thus, she's also recommending not to leave this in the vehicle.

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