COVID-19 deaths in Brazil double in 12 days

Brazil Virus cases rise as political crisis heats

Coronavirus: Brazil records over 1000 COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours

On Thursday, Bolsonaro, one of the world's most sceptical leaders regarding the seriousness of the situation, reached minimal agreements with the Governors regarding federal financial aid to the country's states and municipalities as the virus has infected 310,087 people and killed 20,047 others, reports Efe news.

Britain confirmed Friday that it would impose a 14-day quarantine on global arrivals in addition to its ongoing social distancing rules, but US President Donald Trump is pressing to reopen his country's economy.

President Donald Trump and his administration are now considering a travel ban on Brazil after the South American country's confirmed number of infections hit 275,000, the third-highest number of nationwide cases worldwide.

Sao Paulo state, the economic and cultural capital of Brazil, is by far the most affected, with about a quarter of the country's deaths and infections.

Trump rules churches 'essential,' says they can reopen this weekend
Trump directed the CDC to issue guidance for faith communities to reopen for services ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. This isn't the first time Trump has pushed for houses of worship to reopen ahead of a holiday weekend.

Trump even revealed Monday he has been taking hydroxychloroquine daily as a preventive measure. No large, rigorous studies have found either drug safe or effective for preventing or treating the virus.

Bolsonaro has been a strong advocate for wider use of hydroxychloroquine, a view that has cost the country two health ministers in the last month. However, he frequently disagreed with Bolsonaro.

Medical experts, including Marcos Espinal, director for communicable diseases at the Pan American Health Organization, have warned that studies show the drugs, first developed in the 1950s to fight malaria, to be unhelpful and potentially unsafe in treating the novel coronavirus.

Cemeteries are using backhoes to dig hundreds of graves at a time, and Manaus in the heart of the Amazon rainforest is burying the dead in mass graves.

USA stocks mostly flat Friday, but still up 3% this week
Stocks dipped in early Friday trading following signs that China's economic recovery may not be as strong as hoped. Analysts said extensive central bank stimulus continues to underpin sentiment and buoy equity markets.

It is widely believed among the media that Teich was not able to fully do his job because of the lack of experts and the appointment of military personnel in the health ministry.

Mr Bolsonaro and state governors appeared to put their differences aside on Thursday as they held a video conference on how to co-ordinate the response to the pandemic, with the president calling it "a great victory for the Brazilian people".

According to Bolsonaro on the novel coronavirus pandemic, "many more people die from fear than from the thing itself".

Despite a consensus on the state level to impose strict coronavirus guidelines and measures, on the federal level, Bolsonaro encourages his people to continue with their lives and enliven the economy.

Mark Zuckerberg Is "Confident" Of Facebook Stopping Election Interference
For one, internal polling shows a majority want to get back to into the office as soon as possible, Zuckerberg said. Zuckerberg said the company has been removing content that's likely to result in "immediate and imminent harm".

Several large observational studies, including one in US hospitals for veterans, have not found benefit from hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19. However, it can cause occasionally severe side effects, including heart problems.

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