Trump Floats Hosting G-7 Summit in US After All

G7 Summit

Donald Trump Proposes Reopening G7 Summit at Camp David Despite Coronavirus Pandemic 8 AP Evan Vucci Charlie Spiering20 May 2020

President Trump has announced he anticipates this year's Group of Seven summit will take place primarily at the White House. And after Trump raised the idea on Twitter on Wednesday morning, the other leaders did not rush to confirm their attendance, saying instead they would wait to see what safety precautions were in place before deciding.

Trump apparently aims to convey the message that things are returning to normal by hosting a major global event in the United States.

In a bid to return to normalcy, United States President Donald Trump tweeted that he is "considering re-scheduling the G7" meeting around 10-12 June in "Washington DC, at the legendary Camp David". "It would be a great sign to all - normalization!" A final decision would be needed in the coming days to ensure adequate time to prepare for the high-level meeting, the official said.

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A French diplomatic source said later that Macron "is prepared to travel to Camp David" health conditions permitting, and Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, seemed to be open to the idea.

In March, the Republican president cancelled the physical summit scheduled for June, moving to a video conference as nations grappled with the shutdown of worldwide travel and multiple closures to fight the outbreak.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he may seek to revive a face-to-face meeting of Group of Seven leaders near Washington, after earlier cancelling the in-person gathering of world leaders due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. But White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined to elaborate on the response from world leaders. "Whatever form the G7 meeting takes, a video conference or whatever, I will certainly fight for multilateralism", she said at a news conference in Berlin. "We're in close contact with the U.S. in the run-up to the summit".

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He said his understanding is that details such as the dates and format of the meeting are still being studied by the host nation.

Trump said on Twitter that other G-7 members are "also beginning their COMEBACK", and that holding a summit in the USA capital area would be a "great sign to all" of "normalization".

"We'd like to see it happen sometime in June but as to a particular date I don't have any announcement", she said. The United States also now maintains bans on flights to the country from Europe and Britain. "So if we do the G7, when that all comes together, probably it will be in the White House, but there could be a piece of it at Camp David, which is nearby".

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