Canada’s top doctor recommends wearing non-medical masks when distancing hard


Air Canada will now require passengers to submit to a temperature check before boarding

Canada doesn't have a particularly high immunity rate from COVID-19, she said, because most of the population has not contracted the virus. Importantly, however, employers considering these recommendations must also aim to strike a balance with the recommendations of applicable provincial and local public health authorities. She had long stressed that masks should be reserved for those with COVID-19 and for medical staff to preserve supplies.

Trudeau said he will be wearing a mask as he walks into Parliament for sittings, but once at his desk in the chamber, where he is two metres apart from other MPs, he plans to take it off.

Foran said people with severe allergies might also find wearing a mask hard at this time of year.

In order for people to "move around freely", the ability to pinpoint and quarantine new cases is required, said the prime minister, explaining that the federal government is looking into various applications to help the government monitor the virus' spread.

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"We really rely on facial expression as a form of communication, so the masks are a barrier in making those connections in the community".

Trudeau said one of the challenges with the apps so far is that the app has to be open on your phone to work, draining battery.

Also Thursday, Trudeau said the federal government is sending $75 million to organizations that help Indigenous people living in urban areas and off reserves through the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 50 countries have made wearing a mask mandatory.

Here in British Columbia, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said in April that non-medical face masks will not protect someone from getting infected with the virus. "It is the fulfillment of our civic duty to our neighbours to protect them".

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Lukacs said the law requires airlines to refund customers, adding that fares may well go up in the coming year, reducing the value of travel credit.

Horgan said the province is in a "solid position" in terms of providing health-care workers in acute-care settings with personal protective equipment. She did not suggest she regrets recommending against using face masks earlier.

"It is our expectation that when the time comes for that to be released, we will be able to recommend strongly to Canadians a particular app that will help us manage the spread of COVID-19", he said. No one else should be using your mask and if people are walking between stores, maybe adjusting the elastic on the mask, do not touch your face.

Tam also said it was initially believed the novel coronavirus was only spreading from people showing symptoms. As officials learned more about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic carriers and their potential role in transmission, the advice on masks changed. "Moist heat appears to be better than dry heat", he says, adding that masks could be put in an oven with a pan of water placed underneath and heated to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

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"Be very aware of those with different types of cognitive, intellectual disabilities, those who are hearing impaired and others", Tam said. "So just be patient, and don't assume that someone who isn't wearing a mask or is wearing something different, doesn't have an actual reason for it".

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