Scottie Pippen 'beyond livid' about how Michael Jordan portrayed him in doc

Former Chicago Bulls player Horace Grant accused Michael Jordan of providing a skewed version of the truth in

'The Last Dance' is ESPN's most watched documentary ever

"In terms of the migraine, in terms of the 1.(8) seconds, (Jordan calling him) selfish".

Grant, who spent seven years with the Bulls, is accused by Jordan of leaking stories for "The Jordan Rules", a book that sometimes painted the Hall of Famer in an unflattering light, in the documentary, something Grant vehemently denies.

He said what has been presented by Tim Grover, Jordan's personal trainer, inside and out of ESPN's 10-episode MJ Glorification Showcase, is in serious error. This is another detail that doesn't align with what Grover said, who claimed to close the door after acquiring the pizza and think to himself, "I have a bad feeling about this". "My point is: Why the hell did he want to bring that up?" "I went a step further and said", No, you really aren't.

"It wasn't real (the documentary) ... because a lot of things said to some of his (Jordan's) teammates, that his teammates went back at him".

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"The guy motioned me over because he knew I was the only Bulls fan in the store", Fite narrated in an interview on The Big Show podcast, via Wil Leitner of Fox Sports Radio.

"I'm going to set you straight on the pizza thing here".

Scottie Pippen, who was the second-best player on Jordan's great Bulls teams, is also said to have been unhappy with his portrayal in The Last Dance.

While the billionaire businessman acknowledges LeBron's skill as a player, he emphasized that there's nobody in the league today that matches up to Jordan.

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The documentary footage was eligible for release when Jordan and the National Basketball Association came to an agreement in 2016 and Grant felt Jordan had too much control over the narrative, something that was refuted by the docuseries' director. "Why was that in there?. So you know that is just the way the game goes". It was over. Why bring that up? He said he never backed down to Jordan's tactics but believes that Jordan's behavior in the locker room and on the practice court was out of line. And I kept hitting him and banging him, hitting him and banging him, and it took a toll on Mike.

"You come back and try to take my food?" But while most have been celebrating the docuseries for chronicling the career of Michael Jordan, some of his teammates are less than pleased with how The Last Dance turned out.

He was often hard on Scott Burrell and ended up punching Will Perdue and Steve Kerr, all incidents that Grant described as "heartbreaking" to watch play out.

Jordan and Grant may have shared one of the greatest runs in sports history together. "Both of us were in uniform and it's clear where were coming from".

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