Huawei calls new USA rules discriminatory while seeking solutions

Huawei calls new USA rules discriminatory while seeking solutions

Huawei calls new USA rules discriminatory while seeking solutions

Last year's sanctions require USA companies to obtain government permission to sell chips and other technology to Huawei.

China and Huawei have threatened retaliation but Rotating Chairman Guo Ping on Monday refrained from commenting on a possible Beijing response - a departure from just two months ago when the company warned Washington risked opening a "pandora's box" and Chinese countermeasures if it chose to go ahead with additional restrictions.

"Any other country or company with more advanced technologies may put U.S. Unfortunately, Huawei is taking the lead in the [internet and communication technology] sector, which is also growing very fast".

The statement was issued during an annual summit of technology analysts that it organizes at its headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

According to Huawei, earnings from the digital economy would reach $23tn United States dollars by 2025 and the company saw "more opportunities than challenges" for the industry.

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The logo of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp in pictured in Hsinchu on Friday last week.

. "Ltd" class="local_link" >Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and China's own top contract chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. (TSM), the world's largest contract chipmaker, has halted new orders from Huawei in response to USA export controls.

Huawei is still assessing the potential fallout of the latest restrictions and couldn't predict the impact on revenue for now, Guo said.

The latest US sanctions on Huawei threaten to devastate China's first global tech competitor, escalating a feud with Beijing that could disrupt technology industries worldwide.

Such decisions would have a "serious impact" on numerous global industries, harming trust and collaboration in the global semiconductor industry supply chain and increase conflicts and losses, the statement said.

Huawei reveals that the U.S. is taking advantage of its own technological strengths to undermine and crush companies outside its borders.

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"We have serious questions as to how this project takes into consideration national security requirements and how it aligns with a broader strategy for building a diverse USA semiconductor manufacturing supply chain", the lawmakers wrote. At first, some questioned whether TSMC would still have an interest and the financial capability to build this factory after the us banned its second-largest customer from placing orders.

US suppliers already have complained to Washington that restrictions imposed last May on Huawei's access to American components and other technology will cost them billions of dollars in lost potential sales.

The Chinese tech firm would begin a comprehensive examination of the new rules and expects business to "inevitably" be affected as it seeks a solution to the new measures.

Huawei can not provide a business forecast covering this year for the time being, Guo said.

As usual, whenever a rule is put in place by the USA government created to hurt Huawei, it is actually America and Americans that feel the brunt of the impact.

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As a result, the U.S. Commerce Department amended the foreign direct product rule on May 15, blocking shipments of semiconductors made by global chipmakers to Huawei.

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