An Experimental Vaccine for Covid-19 Shows Early Promise in Human Trial

Moderna Reports Positive Results From Early CCP Virus Vaccine Trial

Good News: Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Signs for Immunity Response

Moderna will now move the vaccine on to a wider phase two study for further evaluation.

A vaccine is considered a crucial step toward lifting social-distancing measures and safely reopening economies, schools and events around the globe.

The development of a vaccine usually takes years but the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused more than 315,000 deaths, has given unprecedented urgency to the search.

Wall Street stocks posted substantial gains yesterday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average adding 3.85 per cent and the S&P 500 up 3.15 per cent.

Investors cheered the initial results Monday morning, sending Moderna's stock up almost 30%.

Paul, Young, LaVine Among Likely H-O-R-S-E Participants
LaVine competed in the National Basketball Association 2K20 Players Tournament, losing in the first round last week. The game, which will be broadcast on ESPN , will - of course - espouse proper social distancing guidelines.

The results have not been published and are only from the first of three stages of testing that vaccines and drugs normally undergo. The trial of mRNA-1273 began in March. All received two doses of the potential vaccine via intramuscular injection in the upper arm approximately 28 days apart.

Bancel said that safety profile appeared to be good, and the reactions were typical of vaccines. Based on the interim Phase I data, Moderna said, its planned Phase II trial will be amended to study two dose levels, 50 µg and 100 µg, with the aim of selecting a dose for pivotal Phase III studies that are expected to begin in July, subject to finalization of a clinical trial protocol.

The biotech plans to start additional trials immediately and hopes its vaccine could be ready for emergency use this fall.

Interim results showed the vaccine was generally safe and well tolerated, researchers said.

Side effects seen in the trial included fatigue, fever, muscle pains and headache. That was a question Moderna's executives fielded several times during a conference call with analysts Monday morning. In fact, CureVac said that in a phase 1 study of its rabies vaccine, a dose of one microgram produced immune responses in healthy volunteers.

WHO's annual meeting begins amid tussle over coronavirus
He also vowed to work with other Group of 20 countries to carry out a debt relief initiative for "the poorest countries". However, Xi said that people across the globe "looked out for each other and pulled together as one".

There's no vaccine, so doctors are offering "supportive treatments" instead, says family physician Dr. Peter Lin.

All of the volunteers made antibodies in response to the vaccine, and when those antibodies were tested in human cells in the lab, they stopped SARS-CoV-2 from replicating, which means they neutralized the virus. Results on eight of those participants revealed they developed neutralizing antibodies - which are believed to be key in providing protection from the virus - at levels seen in patients who've recovered from COVID-19. Over the weekend, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell expressed optimism that the USA economy could begin to recover in the second half of the year. If the vaccine works, those proteins then trigger the body to generate protective antibodies.

There are other vaccine-related initiatives happening simultaneously to make sure research progresses even faster.

If you're interested in participating in a COVID-19 vaccine challenge trial, you can visit 1 Day Sooner's website to sign up.

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