Michael Jordan's 5 greatest games against the Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan's 5 greatest games against the Charlotte Hornets

Jordan should have just had DiGiorno - the "flu game" never would've happened. "It was food poisoning", MJ admitted on ESPN's "The Last Dance".

Again, you can review the video and be the judge if it was a light push-off. Two nights later, Jordan's teammate Steve Kerr famously sank the 17-foot jump shot that clinched the series in Game 6 to give the Bulls their fifth title.

In fact, the only thing about Jordan's legendary performance that could be described as at "100%" is the certainty of his longtime personal trainer that the real culprit was a late-night pizza order. So I think a ideal storm was brewing. "They weren't going to be worth the money they were going to get in the market", Reinsdorf said.

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That set off alarm bells for Grover, who told Jordan, "I have a bad feeling about this", only to have his concerns dismissed by Jordan.

Apparently he was right because Michael said he was the only one to eat the pizza (he apparently scarfed down a whole pizza???) and later that night was "throwing up left and right".

Grover said that of the several people in the hotel room at that time, including himself and a couple of security guards, no one else ate the pizza except the Bulls star. "I've made my own assumptions about it", said Jordan. Rumors about a quick jaunt to Las Vegas leading to a hangover may subside now that Jordan has revealed the pizza story.

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Some who were close to him thought he may not be able to play, but he did play.

Although it's hard to convict the anonymous pizza joint for deliberately poisoning the pizza, Jazz fans do have a reputation among National Basketball Association players. "But obviously it just sounds better to be the "Flu Game" than the 'Food Poisoning Game'".

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