Farmers dumping milk due to supply chain roadblocks caused by coronavirus

Big drop in dairy demand forces Quebec producers to dump milk

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Making Dairy Farmers Dump Milk, Even As Food Demand Skyrockets

Quebec's dairy farmers produce 65 million litres of milk a week, and less than one per cent of it is being dumped this week, Dumontier said. Trucking companies are scrambling to find drivers because some have stopped driving out of fear of the virus.

The dairy industry is just one of the major food producers in the USA impacted by the pandemic. And as for the major dairy export markets - global sales have literally dried up as the food-service sector largely shuts down globally.

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As the COVID-19pandemic forces restaurants and schools around the country to close, a strained dairy supply chain leaves farmers and dairy suppliers with hardly any choice but to dump their surplus milk, reported Bloomberg. Alyssa Badger, director of operations at HighGround Dairy in Chicago told Bloomberg that while some dumping usually occurs during the USA spring, this year it will be "even more aggressive".

In a statement to U.S. media outlet The Midwest Farm Report, Coady said: "Due to the excess milk and plants already operating at capacity, there is more milk right now than space available in processing plants".

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The dairy business got hit harder and earlier than other agricultural commodities as the products are more perishable than those that can be frozen, such as meat, or kept in a silo, such as grain.

Dairy teams in Wisconsin desire the UNITED STATE Department of Agriculture to offer aid with the Coronavirus Aids bundle or TREATMENT Act and also make a big dairy product acquisition- that might be dispersed to food cupboards.

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