CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Tests Positive for Coronavirus

CNN presenter Brooke Baldwin tests positive for coronavirus

CNN’s Chris Cuomo describes coronavirus symptoms: ‘Like somebody was beating me like a piñata’

Earlier this week, one of his colleagues, Chris Cuomo, announced that he had tested positive but continued to anchor.

She said she'd been social distancing and doing all of the things that medical experts have said to do.

Baldwin noted she's healthy with "no underlying conditions".

Top Israeli officials to isolate after health minister contracts coronavirus
Iran is the hardest-hit country from the coronavirus in the Middle East, with 47,593 cases and 3,036 deaths officially confirmed as of Wednesday.

"I thought I would get it, but I was not going out of my way to be a fool, " he said. "No matter how my journey goes with coronavirus, the life I have, the family I have to take care of me, the ability I have to self-quarantine and people bringing me food, and my wife and my kids - thank God".

NY on Friday reported 562 new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the state's coronavirus death toll to almost 3,000.

"I will get pain in my face now, headaches, profuse sweating", Cuomo told CNN host Anderson Cooper Thursday.

World Health Organization concerned over 'rapid escalation' of COVID-19 cases — MAP
The WHO chief urged governments to implement social welfare measures to safeguard poor people from going hungry during the crisis. The WHO director-general recommended the use of masks to protect medical staff from contracting the virus.

"This virus came at me - I've never seen anything like it", the 49-year-old said, describing the effects of body-quaking "rigors".

Chris actually tested positive for Covid-19 recently, but that didn't stop him from conducting his work from home, and it seems like his favourite task is kacau-ing his governor brother on TV.

Mr Cuomo added that he is now "quarantined in my basement" and will continue working from home.

Another death, more cases of COVID-19 in Kane County announced Wednesday
On Sunday, two residents tested positive, the total number of residents impacted is now eight, according to the release. As of yesterday, they've also gotten back a total of 333 negative test results from local health care providers.

In previous basement broadcasts this week, he said that Covid-19 had caused him to hallucinate his dead father and that he chipped a tooth because his teeth were chattering from intense chills. "You were waving a wand, saying 'I wish my wand could make this go away.' And then you spun around and you danced away". I'm eating and drinking constantly. "There's no proof in any of them and I think we have to be very careful about people preying on desperation". "It was freaky what I lived through last night". "Say you're feeling worse immediately; I'm glad you don't have the tightness within the chest nonetheless".

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