Michael Jordan 10-Part Documentary Moved Up to April 19

ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ Michael Jordan documentary expedited for April airing

ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ Michael Jordan documentary expedited for April airing

Originally meant to arrive in June, the series will now begin in April, and a new trailer has just arrived. Its documentary The Last Dance has been in production for awhile.

The documentary, titled "The Last Dance", was originally scheduled to release in June. The series will also be available outside of the USA on Netflix, with episodes debuting the day after the US debut.

I know it may not be the live action we're all craving, but by moving the release ahead, ESPN has saved nearly all of ya quarantined sports fans from losing our collective mind.

Harry Kane prêt à quitter Tottenham
Du coup, l'attaquant des Spurs ne cache pas qu'il ouvrira la porte à un départ si ses dirigeants ne font pas le nécessaire. Je suis un joueur ambitieux, je veux progresser, je veux devenir l'un des meilleurs joueurs au monde.

Jordan's story is a remarkable one, and not just because of his lengthy list of accomplishments, which includes five MVPs, six NBA Finals MVP awards, and six NBA championships.

With Pippen injured for the first part of the season, the Bulls got out of the gate slowly, winning just 12 of their first 21 games.

The series has been directed by Jason Hehir who was behind the lens for HBO's 2018 documentary on the life of Andre The Giant. MLB has also postponed the start of the regular season, although the NFL intends to move forward with the NFL draft. "Making 'The Last Dance" was an incredible opportunity to explore the extraordinary impact of one man and one team.

Ford helping produce 50,000 ventilators at MI plant in 100 days
Ford is partnering with GE Healthcare to build at least 50,000 ventilators for patients who are sick with coronavirus/COVID-19. At this time, ventilator production will be the only work being done at the Rawsonville plant.

In just under three weeks, fans will be able to follow Jordan's journey with the Chicago Bulls, and learn how they forged one of the most successful dynasties in sports history.

"For almost three years, we searched far and wide to present the definitive story of an era-defining dynasty and to present these sports heroes as humans". There are even a couple clips in the documentary featuring Jerry Seinfeld meeting Michael Jordan, because everyone wanted to hang with the NBA's greatest basketball player.

Air Canada lays off 16500; cuts capacity amid pandemic struggle
Canada's flag carrier is among the 20 largest airlines in the world and in 2019 served over 51 million customers. A cost reduction program will be implemented to generate "at least $500 million" (320 million euros).

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