Microsoft says XBox Series X won't have Optical Audio Port

Xbox Series X release date accidentally revealed, then withdrawn

The Xbox Series X Will Release On 26th November

Despite this, though, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are quite different in many ways. Sony, in contrast, unveiled a much more conservative GPU for the Playstation 5, with 36 CUs (the same number of shaders as the RX 5700) tied to 448 GB/s memory. Meaning the console will be able to play games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox as well.

Meanwhile we obtained this great table from IGN that does a terrific work of contrasting the specifications that have been disclosed until now.

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The Xbox Series X will have the awesome ability to play titles from older consoles.

But as for the competitor, the PlayStation 5, there isn't yet a way to be certain how the Audio output will be handled just yet but Sony did bragged about creating an advanced audio capabilities on the console during their presentation. The tech might also be used to add colorblindness modes to titles that didn't support them when released.

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During Sony's Playstation 5 spec unveiling, Sony made much of the fact that the PS5's GPU was more "agile" than the competition. According to Tom's Guide, the upcoming Sony console will not feature an optical audio out port, which is a bit confusing since the feature appeared on a sample console during a live-stream event. Regardless, IGN, evidently connected to Microsoft and also authorities there verified that there will certainly be no S/PDIF optical audio out on the Xbox Series X. 23GHz. The Xbox's GPU has more computing speed, but the PS5 runs at a much higher frequency at 2.23GHz, pushing out more processing than the Xbox Series X. Storage-wise, both consoles are close while using NVME SSD storage, the Xbox Series X has an internal storage of 1TB and the PS5 has a lesser Custom 825GB. It remains to be seen if its absence might have a negative impact on the console's appeal.

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