Gabbard Suspends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Biden

Bernie Sanders to “assess” his campaign after losing 19 of the last 24 primaries, top aide says

Tulsi Gabbard Drops Out After Staying in Race Longest of Any Low-Polling Candidate

Given Biden's solid lead in national opinion polls among Democrats and in numerous states yet to hold primaries, Sanders faces a very steep battle to overtake his rival.

Given Mr Biden's substantial lead in national opinion polls among Democrats and in numerous states yet to hold primaries, Mr Sanders faces a very steep battle to overtake his rival.

Though a lengthy primary could afford Mr Biden media spotlights and fundraising opportunities he might not otherwise have, Mr Sanders' lingering presence also delays efforts to unify a party that was damaged in 2016 by a long primary fight between Mr Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

In a statement on Wednesday, the manager of his presidential campaign said Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign.

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The Democratic Party has increasingly rallied behind Biden after he won the SC primary, 10 of the 14 states that voted on Super Tuesday and five of the six states that voted last week. With votes still being counted in Arizona, he was up by 10 percentage points over Mr Sanders in all-important Maricopa County, home to 60pc of the state's population.

Following her exit, the Democrat nominee field officially narrowed to a two-man race between Biden and Sen.

The immediate wild cards for Mr Biden, though, are Mr Sanders and the shifting primary calendar.

Mike DeWine to postpone the state's primary, on the grounds of preventing the spread of coronavirus, only delayed Biden's near-certain clinching of the prize. I know what's at stake.

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"We had a pleasant one-on-one dialog and I knowledgeable him that I'd be working for President", Gabbard tweeted Monday. To Biden's advantage and likely Sanders' discomfort, the Vermont senator's constant preaching of "revolution" is not apt to have great resonance among a populace now fearing a life-and-death medical catastrophe.

Broadly speaking, Biden is the choice of more than half of Democrats, while Sanders has the backing of about a third of the party. Sanders said last week that the trend showed he "won the ideological debate" but was "losing the debate over electability".

Her decision left Mr Biden and Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist, as the only candidates left in the race. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said on MSNBC. But in the same gathering where O'Malley Dillon was introduced, she and Dunn told the staff they were shuttering the Philadelphia headquarters and all other Biden offices.

"No Dem has ever come back from anything like this deficit", agreed former Obama strategist David Axelrod.

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By every conventional measure, the race for the Democratic nomination is over.

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