First Supermoon of 2020 Can Look This Weekend

The year's first "supermoon" - when the full moon appears larger than normal - will be visible over Krakow this weekend if weather conditions remain relatively clear.

According to NASA, the moon will be completely full on Sunday, February 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET, but it will appear full all weekend, from approximately Friday night to Monday morning. A supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is at the closest point to earth in its orbit.

A "snow moon" is set appear over London during the next few days.

In 2020 there are due to be 13 Full Moons, two Supermoons and a blue moon.

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Carlie Holman sent this shot to CTV News Vancouver's Facebook page.

However, others claim that a supermoon only occurs when the centre of the moon is less than 223,694 miles (360,000 kilometres) from the centre of Earth.

The next super moon will be the "super worm moon" on Monday, March 9, 2020.

The term snow moon comes from northeastern Native American tribes who experienced the heaviest snowfall this time of year, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

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Other names for the moon include, "Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Magha Purnima, Magha Puja, the Mahamuni Pagoda Festival Moon, the Chinese Lantern Festival Moon, and the Full Moon of Tu B'Shevat", according to NASA.

However, some have a looser definition, saying any full moon that is less than 226,000 miles to our planet can be classified as a supermoon.

As February's Full Moon takes place in the third Decan of Leo, it makes it a Leo or Sagittarius Full Moon by modern Decan.

Astronomers advise photographers and sky watchers to download applications and maps to track the progress of the moon across the sky to facilitate sightings. "Lying roughly in a line with Saturn and Jupiter, the planet Mars will appear to the upper right of Jupiter at about 19 degrees above the horizon". The information supplied by official website suggests the Full Moon period will happen at 1:03pm IST on Sunday.

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And it'll be officially full at 10.53am EST according to NASA's Skycal.

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