The "Worm Moon" of 2020 to rise in Greece on Monday

Worm supermoon is illuminating the sky this week

Worm supermoon is illuminating the sky this week

The Old Farmer's Almanac explains why it is called the Super Worm Moon.

Matt Byham took this shot of the full supermoon on March 20. Nicknamed as the "Worm Moon", the Supermoon will be best viewed on Monday evening. The event causes the Moon to appear much larger and brighter.

In reality, the March complete moon-steadily known as the "worm moon"-was once the second one of 4 consecutive supermoons this yr".

According to NASA, native tribes in the northern and eastern USA named the full moon after the earthworm casts - fertilizer produced by the worms - that appear as the ground thaws ahead of spring.

This invites the return of birds to feed, which is seen as a sign of springtime starting to return after a long winter.

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"The Virtual Telescope Project will bring to you the show of this Supermoon while it rises and shines above the legendary skyline of Rome, through the iconic monuments of the Eternal City". The supermoon happening in April will be closer to Earth than the Worm Moon. The Moon's orbit around Earth isn't perfectly round, which means that sometimes the Moon is closer to Earth than at other times.

The current supermoon is referred to as the Worm Moon due to the traditions of the Native American culture. The closest supermoon of the century will occur on December 6, 2052. When the moon is full when it reaches apogee, we get a "micromoon".

A lunar eclipse of a full "Blue Moon" is seen above the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California, U.S., January 31, 2018.

Find out here when the moon turns full in your time zone.

February: Snow Moon to coincide with heavy snow.

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You can watch the Super Worm Moon tomorrow face to face, by watching it ascend in the east. The next one will happen on April 8.

The Moon in astrology is believed to govern the ebb and flow of emotions.

When will the next Supermoon appear?

Tonight's moon will appear slightly larger and brighter in the sky, a term officially known as "perigee". For instance, the "Harvest moon" was the moon closest to the autumnal equinox.

November: Beaver Moon because it was the time to set up beaver traps. For thousands of years, this practice has been used by people around the world to keep track of time and seasons.

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