Facebook acquires Sanzaru Games

Facebook acquires the VR game studio behind one of the Rift’s best games

Facebook acquires Sanzaru Games

"Sanzaru is a veteran game developer-having shipped titles to multiple platforms in the past-as well as a VR pioneer", reads the announcement on the Oculus Blog. Together, we will continue to pursue a future of rich, immersive and original VR game content.

How will Sanzaru maintain its culture as they become part of Facebook? Sanzaru Games is a 13-year-old game studio and has produced four different Oculus Rift titles. It's an aspect of the company we admire and intend to maintain.

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Sanzaru will still be able to operate independently following the acquisition, and a "vast majority" of staff have been transferred over. Getting a great game maker will continue to allow the Quest and Rift S to be sold at prices that are far better than any other consumer headset with the same power.

Facebook is now not commenting on any new game projects but in the Asgard's Wrath Reddit forum, there is talk that there a successor to Asgard's Wrath might be in the offing.

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If Sony ever does decide to bring the Sly Cooper franchise back from the dead, it won't be doing it alongside Sanzaru Games anymore. But now Sanzaru is about to be tied up with another big name, Facebook. Made in collaboration with the Oculus Studios team, Facebook has now chose to acquire the developer, part of a growing trend within the videogame industry.

Facebook is most likely going to acquire more VR studios in the future.

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Are you disappointed to see the developer snapped up by Facebook? While Facebook isn't divulging any details yet, it has said that it is exploring numerous ways to "accelerate VR" and that 2020 will be an "incredible year for VR game launches and announcements". We are thrilled that Sanzaru is joining our team.

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