Jetman takes off from the ground and transitions to winged flight

WATCH: Jetpack daredevil pulls off milestone stunt with impressive high-altitude flight

Dubai 'Jetman' takes flight in 'major milestone'

Dubai's Jetmen have again wowed the world, with incredible footage documenting the first vertical takeoff.

The approximately three-minute flight saw Reffett fly at an average speed of almost 150 miles per hour before parachuting to the ground from a height of about 5,000 feet.

Within seconds, Reffet reached more than 325 feet and within 30 seconds reached an initial height of 3,280 feet at an average speed of 130 knots, according to Gulf Today. For the first time in the company's history, pilot Vince Reffet took off from the ground and was able to transition into a high-altitude flight. "It's the result of extremely thorough teamwork, where each small step generated huge results", said the pilot, Vince Reffet, in a statement.

WATCH: Jetpack daredevil pulls off milestone stunt with impressive high-altitude flight

In an awe-inspiring flight captured on viral video, the Frenchman on Friday hovered five metres above the crystal waters of Dubai's coast before shooting off into the air and skimming the city's skyline.

"Everything was planned to the split second", he added.

"It is another step in a long-term project".

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He then opened his parachute and dropped back to the ground where he shared the excitement along with his team. "It's being worked on".

Besides it being the first time that a Jetman had successfully launched from the ground, the company confirmed that this also marked "the first time that a Jetman pilot has combined hovering safely at a low altitude and flying aerobatics at a high altitude in the same flight".

The carbon-fibre wingsuit is powered by four mini jet engines, and the team's engineers were able to create a manually controlled thrust vectoring nozzle that allows pilots "to control rotations around the yaw axis at zero speeds".

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The Jetmen - Mr Reffet and Fred Fugen - are now working with Emirati skydive pro Ahmed Al Shehhi.

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