Sen. Cassidy issues statement on war powers resolution vote

Why Trump went all-out in New Hampshire and Iowa GOP primaries

US Senate passes resolution limiting Trump's power to launch military operations against Iran - Xinhua |

After days of back and forth, and a push to include testimony from former NSA adviser John Bolton, the Senate ultimately voted 51-49 to reject additional witnesses, as Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of ME joined Democrats to call for more evidence. "After years of Congress avoiding its constitutional duty on matters of war, I'm grateful that a bipartisan majority of Senators affirmed that the President can not send our troops into conflict without authorization". The measure would only allow the president authority to strike in the case of self-defense or an imminent attack.

Why Trump went all-out in New Hampshire and Iowa GOP primaries

The impeachment process against Donald Trump was launched in September 2019, with House Democrats accusing him of blackmailing Ukraine with the withdrawal of military aid unless the Ukrainian president started a criminal probe into one of Trump's 2020 election rivals, Joe Biden. It would take a two-thirds vote to override a potential presidential veto. "If this resolution were to become law, that authority would be called into question", she said. Congress must authorize any deployment of forces to Iran, and I do not support such a push towards war.

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Even if the Senate can not override a veto, Kaine said the resolution's backers hoped it would influence Trump when it came to future military action, adding that the president cared about what the public thinks, if not the Senate.

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The Constitution gives that power to Congress, not the president, but presidents from both parties in recent decades have expanded the White House's authority to pursue military action without legislators' input.

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