Pound jumps on hopes new Chancellor will turn on the spending taps

Meet Rishi Sunak Britain's fast-track finance minister

Sajid Javid resigns after Number 10 orders him to sack his aides | Latest Brexit news and top stories

Rishi Sunak has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer - the UK's finance minister - in succession to Sajid Javid, who resigned on a point of principle on Thursday, 13 February, after being ordered to sack his closest advisers.

"The chancellor said no self-respecting minister would accept those terms", an unnamed source from the government was quoted by The Guardian as saying.

Javid resigning from his post assumes significance just one month before he was to present the crucial budget.

The bombshell came after long-standing rumours of tensions between the ex-chancellor and Mr Johnson's closest aide Dominic Cummings.

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Richmond MP Rishi Sunak is to become the next Chancellor of the Exchequer - the second-highest job in the Government behind the Prime Minister.

Johnson's spokesman said a new economic team of special political aides had been formed to jointly advise both the prime minister and the chancellor.

Smith - who had been in charge of parliamentary discipline for Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May - was the first minister to lose his job in the reshuffle.

Julian Smith, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, was one of the first ministers to be sacked in a surprise move that comes weeks after he brokered a deal to bring the province's government back after years of deadlock.

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Cummings, the former Vote Leave chief who is now the prime minister's top adviser, has drawn a lot of media attention since arriving at Downing Street.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, tweeted the remarks after branding the government as being in "chaos".

Ultra-loyal Alok Sharma, a former minister for global development, was appointed as the new minister for business and also the head of the COP26 climate change summit, when world leaders will travel to Scotland in November. The 39-year-old is set to move into No. 11 Downing Street, next door to the Prime Minister's Office.

Johnson began his cabinet reshuffle by sacking his ministers for Northern Ireland, business, housing and the environment, as well as his attorney general. Others were promoted, including Suella Braverman to the position of attorney general and Anne-Marie Trevelyan to the post of worldwide development secretary.

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But Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Michael Gove, Johnson's de factor deputy, are staying.

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