Angela Hewitt's rare Fazioli piano dropped by movers CNN

Angela Hewitt

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"It's kaputt", Hewitt said in her post, noting that it was the only F278 Fazioli in the world to boast the four-pedal mechanism.

In the meantime, Hewitt will be dealing with the "insurance saga, and then I can choose a new one in Sacile when Mr. Fazioli has three of them ready for me".

A group of instrument movers' efforts to carry a Canadian virtuoso pianist's $194,000 piano out of a recording studio in Berlin ended in a grand fail.

'I adored this piano. In a post lamenting the damage, Hewitt described the piano as "my best friend, best companion". "I loved how it felt when I was recording-giving me the possibility to do anything I wanted", she wrote.

"Now it is no longer". The iron frame, structure, lid and case were all damaged beyond fix, with Paolo Fazioli himself declaring it "unsalvageable".

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Hewitt had used the piano for every recording she had made since 2003, as well as several concert performances.

"The movers of course were mortified", she wrote. "In 35 years of doing their job, this had never happened before", Hewitt wrote on Facebook. "At least nobody was hurt", she added.

Angela Hewitt has used the Fazioli piano for all her European recordings since 2003.

Hewitt said she is now wading through an "insurance saga", which she expects to take several months. A spokeswoman for Fazioli Pianos also would not comment, citing a "strict internal rule" about protecting clients' privacy.

Simon Markson, managing director at Markson Pianos in London, told CNN he thought a £150,000 ($194,000) estimate of the piano's value if it were new was accurate.

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"These pianos are one of a kind, especially when a professional player who dedicates their whole life to this picks a piano", he said.

Markson said an accident like this "doesn't happen very often" and was distressing because of "sentimental" attachments.

"They say once you play a Fazioli, you see that pretty much all other pianos you have to beat the sound out of the piano".

The craftsmen only build about 140 pianos a year, and combined with Hewitt's hectic touring schedule, she predicts it could be months until she gets a replacement.

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