NASA Cites Flawed Boeing Software in Failed Test Flight of Starliner Spacecraft

NASA Cites Flawed Boeing Software in Failed Test Flight of Starliner Spacecraft- Report

NASA and Boeing lay out time frame for reviewing Starliner's flawed flight and planning next steps

Shortly after its liftoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket - on a mission to put the commercial capsule to the test - the spacecraft immediately deviated from its flight plan, firing thrusters unexpectedly, reorienting itself and using too much fuel, which prevented rendezvous and docking with the space station.

Now over three years behind schedule, Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is under significant scrutiny by way of a National Aeronautics and Space Administration analysis.

NASA realizes that they have another problem with Boeing, which can prove to be a critical concern later on.

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The second flaw - which NASA and Boeing did not disclosed at the time - involved a "valve mapping software issue", which Boeing said was also diagnosed and fixed in flight. "It's also true that we do think that the OFT flight had a lot of anomalies". We should have more information about this in the future. Meanwhile, it is not clear when Starliner could fly again. There was a big discordance between the spacecraft's internal clocks and the code it was running.

Boeing and Elon Musk's rival SpaceX company are building separate space taxis to ferry astronauts to the space station under NASA's effort to revive its human spaceflight program.

Boeing came close to losing its Starliner crew capsule during the abortive test flight in December in which the spacecraft failed to reach the correct orbit.

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If NASA requires another uncrewed test, the do-over would probably make use of the Starliner craft that's now being prepared for the first crewed flight, Peter McGrath, global sales and marketing director for Boeing's space exploration business, said this week at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance's annual conference in Lynnwood, Wash.

Boeing officials said Friday the communications issues were likely caused by frequency interference from cell towers on the ground. "And those were obviously press reports that we've seen from other parts of Boeing, as well as what seemed to be characterized as these software issues". "Further, with confidence at risk for a spacecraft that is meant to carry humans in space, the panel recommends an even broader Boeing assessment of, and corrective actions in, Boeing's [systems engineering and integration] processes and verification testing". Also, the agency anticipates more will be identified while the evaluation is complete.

This latest failure from Boeing, which is still reeling from two fatal crashes of its 737 Max aircraft, has called into question the company's safety procedures, and as such, the safety panel has recommended several reviews of the aerospace giant. Chilton dealt with Starliner's programming problems widely at the commencement of his comments Friday, admitting the worse-than-expected performance.

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Outside of this ongoing review, NASA is taking an extensive look at Boeing's culture, according to Loverro. But there was another software issue that didn't become public until this week's safety panel meeting. But organization revealed the second flaw until over a month afterwards. It remains too soon to speculate about next flight dates. "The independent review team didn't just have recommendations for Boeing, it's got recommendations for us as well, and we're going to take all those to heart". The business revealed through its fourth-quarter effects on January 29 it required a 410 million fee, if another uncrewed flight is determined required.

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