Battle lines drawn ahead of UK-EU trade talks

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According to the UK Home Office, more than three million European Union citizens have applied to live and work in Britain after Brexit. He added the United Kingdom has an opportunity to have freer markets after leaving the European Union and must make the most of this situation.

Since the beginning of this week's trading, the GBP/USD pair is going under downward pressure pushing it towards the 1.2940 support, with renewed fears of hard talks between Britain and the European Union about the future of trade relations between them in the post-Brexit phase, which happened officially last Friday, making The United Kingdom the first country to exit from the bloc, making the number of members 27.

"We believe that the accession negotiations need to start". Many people are already exploring how to buy Bitcoin to hedge in the volatility in traditional assets.

The European Commission hopes the streamlined rules will avoid further delaying the start of access negotiations when aspiring members have met the conditions for such talks.

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European Union commissioner, Oliver Varhelyi, who started his tour of the region in Serbia, said he wants to "reinforce" the EU's leverage.

Mr Johnson confirmed that if a Canada-style agreement was not possible, he would be prepared to walk away without a full trade deal, like Australia's relationship with the EU. "I am totally opposed to the idea of a grand bargain where we would give ground on finance to get a deal on fishing", Le Maire told a financial conference in Paris.

The EU is pushing changes to the system it uses to add new members in a move that should make the opening of enlargement talks easier for the Balkan nations.

More political clout for member States in adhesion talks for new EU members - in particular Balkan countries - with the possibility of carrying out more effective measures to sanction potential steps backwards by candidates on fundamental reforms, including the suspension of negotiations, are among key points of a reform of the enlargement process presented by EU Commissioner Oliver Varhely.

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Boris Johnson nudged the United Kingdom towards a hard Brexit on Monday (3 February), insisting that the UK would not commit to maintaining European Union standards on state aid and labour standards in order to strike a new trade deal with Brussels. A comprehensive trade agreement will cover everything from the migration of persons to import duties, taxes, and customs.

Britain will continue to obey the EU's laws during a transition period until the end of December.

In Brussels, Barnier unveiled the EU's draft negotiating mandate and said that negotiations can begin "immediately" once the mandate is approved by the EU Council at a special summit on 20 February.

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