Trump to Rally in N.H. on Eve of State's Primary

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders partake in a march together for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. | Meg Kinnard AP

Just because the Democrats number two and number three candidates are off the trail, for the time being, does not mean the campaigning process is brought to a halt.

"He was in Congress for years [and] had one senator support him", she said in the released excerpts from the Hulu documentary.

"Every Democrat needs to work as hard as they can to coalesce those groups", Binder said.

He added: "If any one of those elements falls off, then it's going to be very hard for a Democrat to win".

While Biden has largely avoided discussing the issue of impeachment while campaigning, the former vice president's name was invoked often as Democrats made their case that President Trump allegedly withheld aid from Ukraine in order to get President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation into Biden and his son to help Trump politically.

Democrats hope that shifts in the electorate, particularly among educated voters and women, could broaden the path to the presidency for the Democratic nominee.

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Asked why he thought Clinton was still talking about the 2016 election, Sanders said: "That's a good question".

The candidates are aware of their deficiencies, but there are no easy answers.

Warren's campaign is out to build "a critical mass of support in more than enough states to foreclose any path to an Electoral College victory for Donald Trump", the memo said.

"The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system to remake it", the Times quoted Obama telling Democratic donors. "I think it will be patient, coalition building". "Maybe. I was frankly surprised that I liked him as much as I did".

"I think it sent a little more people to their corners", Chrenien said.

If Obama did speak out, it would be a sharp departure, in a campaign in which he has so far refused to endorse any candidate, including his former VP Joe Biden.

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Sanders "chief strategist, Jeff Weaver, highlighted Sanders" strong standing, especially among young minority voters, a group that hadn't been as active in 2016.

Campaigns and independent operatives believe a winning coalition in 2020 will bear some differences from Obama's coalition more than a decade ago. And Biden is considered the best at unifying the Democratic Party and beating Trump.

"Here in New Hampshire we like to be contradictory".

Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has jumped out to a sizable lead in a key early primary state, despite heightened attacks from his competitors and former nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a WBUR-FM poll.

Still, Democrats can not afford significant slippage among the core pieces of the Obama coalition. And leaders of these factions are concerned.

"I think he is just awesome and he can unite the country", said Alcone.

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"The biggest organizer and energizer of black voters is Donald Trump", Sharpton declared.

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