Three possible MI coronavirus cases being investigated

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Six people in Quebec who had recently travelled to China and displayed symptoms of a respiratory virus have now all tested negative for coronavirus, Quebec's health department announced Friday.

Citing confidentiality, officials declined to say where the three suspected cases were located.

"This is a rapidly changing situation both overseas and domestically", Messonnier said during the news conference.

The person did not have close contact with anyone after leaving the airport in North Carolina and wore a mask the entire time while at the airport. The U.S. CDC is now monitoring 63 other potential cases in the U.S.

Since returning from China, the woman has had "very limited" movement outside her home, hasn't taken any public transportation and hasn't gone to any large gatherings, Arwady said.

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"We are undertaking a wide-reaching and rigorous effort with all stakeholders, including healthcare providers, airports and federal health officials, to put in place the appropriate precautions to keep New Yorkers safe", Cuomo said. But hospitals in Wuhan are said to be "overwhelmed" by the number of people who are seeking advice and medical treatment.

"We know that this virus can cause severe disease, and that it can kill, although for most people it causes milder symptoms", he said.

The United States has confirmed at least two cases, with both patients having returned from China with the virus. But it's also a heavy flu season, and some of the symptoms are similar, Messonnier said.

The news comes at a time when the number of reported infections in China is climbing rapidly.

There have been no cases of human-to-human transmission outside China so far, but it could happen, he believes. It's still hanging around, causing small numbers of infections each year: The World Health Organization has counted almost 2,500 cases of MERS in the Middle East and beyond, and more than 850 deaths. At least 10 countries outside China have reported 26 cases. It has now spread to neighboring countries across Asia and into the US.

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The Wuhan coronavirus, called the "2019 novel coronavirus" or 2019-nCoV, is part of a family of viruses known to circulate in animals and sometimes in humans.

One indication of a virus' danger is how easily it spreads from person to person. There are two ways this outbreak could pan out.

The World Health Organisation has concluded it is "too early" to be able to declare an global public health emergency over the virus.

"These wildlife markets are a risk", said Dr. Ian Lipkin of Columbia University, who assisted the World Health Organization and China during the SARS outbreak and advises Saudi Arabia about MERS. "It may yet become one", he acknowledged.

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