Deborah Dugan defends Grammys claims on 'Good Morning America'

Grammys CEO

Deborah Dugan defends Grammys claims on 'Good Morning America'

Dugan was placed on administrative leave abruptly at the end of last week, with allegations swirling about misconduct, and it's since come to light that she filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stating that Portnow "allegedly raped a female recording artist", which resulted in his contract not being renewed.

Portnow has denied violating an "unidentified foreign record artist" in a statement Wednesday, saying he had been "exonerated" after an investigation.

The lawsuit claims Dugan was subjected to sexual harassment.

Grammys CEO Deborah Dugan filed a complaint against her predecessor, Neil Portnow, alleging him of raping a female artist.

The complaint also includes claims of unlawful gender discrimination, unlawful retaliation, and unequal pay.

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In her EEOC filing, Dugan describes what she sees as the Grammys' endemic failures in recognizing black and female musicians in particular. However, she says she wasn't removed until she revealed that she would be pursuing legal action.

"Mr Katz believed they had a productive and professional meeting in a restaurant where a number of members of the board of trustees of the Academy, and others, were dining", he added. I have evidence that in another room.there were complaints made in the jazz category", she began, before Stephanopoulos interrupted her, saying, "That was gonna be my next question, so you do have evidence?

Speaking to ABC News, she said: "I was trying at each step to take a deep breath and say, 'OK, I can make a difference, I can fix this, I can work with this team'". I am able to work with this group.

As far as artists, music industry creators and fans are concerned, among the most threatening allegations to the Grammys' public image are her claims that the awards themselves are "ripe with corruption".

"The email also detailed atrocious conflicts of interest, inappropriate treatment by the members of the Board of Directors and irregularities in the voting regarding the nominations for the Grammy Awards, all made possible by the mentality of the club of Gentlemen 'and the governance approach in the Academy, "says the text. To me that makes [the nomination] even more meaningful". "Oh, my God, I hate that I'm in this situation because I'd much rather be talking about the artists and their music".

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Moreover, the voting process has been widely and historically criticized as secretive and exclusionary.

Dugan attends the 20th annual Latin GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 14, 2019 in Las Vegas.

The Grammys are still set to air this Sunday as planned, but it seems to Wang that "the relationship between Deborah Dugan and the Recording Academy is fraying right now and there's not putting it back together in an easy way". The statement said the dinner occurred 2 1/2 months before Dugan started as CEO.

It is worth noting that while Mason claims the Academy has "always been transparent about the process", many elements of that process are not transparent, including, as Mason acknowledges, the identity of the individuals on the nominating committees.

She charged that an artist who was ranked 18th out of 20 in the initial song of the year process last year got a nomination and the artist was actually on the committee that decided the nominees.

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