Here’s How Gwyneth Paltrow’s Controversial Vagina Candle Came to Be

Martha Stewart Isn’t A Fan Of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candle

A penis-scented candle Prices 25Percent over Goop's vagina candle to Create a point Concerning the gender pay gap

But, Allegra Weisenfeld, a Taxi agency copywriter, stated "The Smells Like My Penis candle is no different from the Smells Like My Vagina candle, except for no apparent reason it's worth 25 percent more".

Currently, there's yet another genital-themed candle hitting on the marketplace. We assume a waxed one. One area where they're really pushing buttons is the health documentary niche filled with so-called compelling evidence, yet ultimately pseudoscience.

However, not all people are on board with the one-of-a-kind product.

So how did this happen??

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The 47-year-old appeared Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday in a hilarious appearance where she bantered about everything from psychedelics to cleanses and to yes, that candle. "I was with [perfumer] Douglas Little for his brand Heretic, and we were kind of messing around and I smelled this lovely thing and I was like, "This smells like my vagina", and I was kidding, obviously".

The candle which went for sale on her wellness and lifestyle site sold out faster than you can say "sorry, what?", with everyone dropping 75 big bucks to get their hands on the scented product. "And we were on mushrooms - no, no we weren't on mushrooms", she jokingly said to Meyers with a laugh.

Man, she can't stop kidding!

But it looks like her niche market is now being met with competition as a candle that apparently "smells like my penis" is trending.

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Punk rock? Well, "This Smells Like My Vagina" does sound like the title of a Vandals song we guess. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

"And, you know, I think women, a lot of us have grown up feeling certain degrees of shame around or body, or whatever".

She continued: 'It became this thing where it was amusing to us but also a little bit punk rock. "So this is a little bit of a subversive candle for all of us out there". Yeah sure, I'd give them a whiff, just to see what the whole mess is about, really.

"Twitter has been bombarded with jokes, outraged remarks, and labia-themed memes a week when Gwyneth Paltrow's contentious health business, Goop, introduced a $75 vagina-scented candle called" This Smells Like My Vagina".

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It is precisely the exact same odor, shape and dimension as Goop's candle, but this particular one, created with a Canadian advertising agency, was made to increase consciousness about the gender pay gap in Canada.

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