Apple Watch Connected program rewards you for wearing it to the gym

'Apple Watch Connected' Program Will Offer Rewards for Working Out at Participating Gyms

Apple Watch Connected: A new program that could get you rewards from your gym

In addition to the discounts mentioned above and the ability to use Apple Pay to make purchases, some gym members will also be able to book classes on their Apple Watch, among other benefits of the program - which reinforces the idea already high in many peoples' minds that the Apple Watch can be an indispensable tool to promote health and wellness.

The program, as reported by Business Insider, is taking advantage of Apple's GymKit platform, which lets users connect their Watch with gym equipment.

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The program itself relies on Apples GymKit system which uses NFC to establish a connection between compatible fitness equipment and the watch. After the pairing process, you can sync your workout data for more accurate results.

Apple has four partners at launch, each offering different perks: Basecamp, Crunch Fitness, Orangetheory, and YMCA. There is no word on an worldwide roll-out for now. For example, the YMCA is going to offer donations to build a kid's swimming program, Crunch will offer $3 off memberships for completing weekly programs, Basecamp is going to give its members a Series 5 Apple Watch and allow them to pay it off completing fitness goals.

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Orangetheory, for instance, is launching a new membership tier that allows members to earn gift cards to Nike, Apple, and other brands for meeting workout goals. Any form of exercise, whether it happens at the gym or during a long walk home or an outdoor run, will count toward the program's fitness goals.

Basecamp will let users to earn back the cost of the Apple Watch Series 5 Global Positioning System. Finally, Orange Theory will deploy it in all USA facilities in 2020, starting with two Manhattan locations on Thursday. YMCA will start with its greater Twin Cities locations this week followed by 22 additional YMCA branches in the coming weeks before expanding further.

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