'The Witcher' Is Getting an Animated Film on Netflix

Netflix- The Witcher

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They also give Netflix something it can show to stars (and their agents) who are considering a role in one of its productions, instead of its old strategy of never discussing numbers at all.

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Netflix's "The Witcher" will be the streamer's biggest TV show premiere of all time. Eight episodes follow the story of the monster hunter Geralt von Rivia (Cavill). It is based on Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski but took inspiration from the CD Projekt RPG series. It's a testament to Netflix's confidence that The Witcher's already established fandom and curious newcomers would love the series. Netflix's blockbuster fantasy The Witcher was huge for the streaming platform, debuting in December 2019 to 76 million sets of eyeballs per Netflix's reckoning. Through its first four weeks of release, 76m member households chose to watch this action-packed fantasy, starring Henry Cavill. According to a new report, The Witcher is on-pace to become the most-watched first season of a Netflix original show. So the numbers are somewhat deceiving in that full episodes were not watched, so it's hard to determine how many people have truly watched The Witcher. Following this move, one might even assume that Netflix views its programming closer to Internet content and less to television shows and movies.

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Netflix has admitted that this new system is causing viewership to increase and new programs to appear as though they are more successful than the previous ones. For example, Our Planet logged 30 million account views under the 70 percent spectator metric start, but 45 million account views with the new metric. This leads to a 35% increase in ratings, reports Netflix.

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Netflix, in announcing its fourth-quarter earnings, revealed viewership for recent TV launches The Witcher as well as new seasons of the hits The Crown and Lifetime rescue You. During the storyline of the games, players are forced to choose between the two to pursue a romance, so it could be possible that we'll see Geralt face a similar dilemma in season 2.

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