Nasa all-female astronaut team perform another daring spacewalk outside the ISS

Astronaut's Helmet Comes Loose On Milestone Touching Space Excavation

Watch live: Third space walk only for women, which focuses on interrupted battery changes

Wednesday's EVA, which ended at 2:04 p.m. EST (1904 GMT), marked Koch's fifth and Meir's second career spacewalks. The tour resumed the work that the two Expedition 61 flight engineers carried out in October, which made headlines because of the first spacewalk by two women.

It took NASA more than 50 years to stage its first all-female spacewalk last October. During two spacewalks last October, Koch and Drew Morgan installed three of the six lithium-ion batteries in the left outboard array. The 2 additionally paused to re-stow a preserve watch over panel for Koch's SAFER, a contingency jetpack connected to her spacesuit, which abruptly got right here loose. Koch called her "my heroine".

Mission Control cautioned that, given the current set-up, "we would not count on Christina's Safer" in an emergency. It's never been needed.

Wrapping up a record 328-day stay aboard the station, Koch participated in five earlier spacewalks, logging 35 hours and 17 minutes, since arriving aboard the lab last March.

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NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, viewed right here in a unexcited from her helmet-mounted video digicam, pauses to rob a photograph of herself reflected on the skin of an exterior pallet for the interval of a spacewalk outside of the World Condominium Space on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020. Her 11-month mission ends in just over two weeks, while Meir has a few months left on board.

The work contributed to a bigger, ongoing effort to replace all 48 of the station's degraded nickel-hydrogen batteries with the more capable lithium-ion items. Over the course of several spacewalks, astronauts have been yanking out the old rechargeable batteries and replacing them with more efficient versions. To date, 18 new batteries have been installed and 36 old batteries removed in the past three years.

Nasa's Jessica Meir and Christina Koch floated out to finish the work they began last week. In the meantime, the old batteries are disposed of in a supply ship.

These oversized, boxy batteries keep all the space station's systems running when the outpost is on the night side of Earth, drawing power from the sprawling solar wings. They are not easy to handle: each piece is about one meter tall and wide and weighs about 180 kg. The work started with a collection of spacewalks in January 2017 and has continued as Japan's H-II Transfer Vehicles (HTVs) have delivered the new batteries to the station.

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The spacewalk is scheduled for 6:50 a.m. on Monday ET. Koch noted how she and Meir often say how much they owe the pioneering female astronauts who came before them and everyone else working for civil rights and inclusion.

At the end of the mission, Dr Meir acknowledged Martin Luther King Jr Day in the USA, paying tribute to the civil rights hero.

Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space during an outing with a male cosmonaut in 1984, followed later that year by NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan, who joined astronaut David Leestma for a spacewalk during a shuttle mission.

Morgan and Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano will set off outside of Saturday to complete the fix of a cosmic radiation detector on the space station.

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