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Google brings iPhone support for an important security feature

This couldn't have come at a better time given that, according to a recent study conducted by Google and The Harris Poll, 74% out of 500 high-risk US users surveyed - including politicians, activists, executives, and influencers - reported being targeted or compromised by a phishing attack.

The free email service Gmail also automatically blocks over 100 million phishing emails every day according to Google, warning those attacked by government-backed actors of phishing attempts.

When logging into Google on a new device, iPhone users typically have to verify the log-in with an old-fashioned and less secure method of two-factor authentication.

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Android users, who have had this feature enabled on their phones since previous year (as long as their device runs Android 7 or later), will likely have come across the Google Prompt pop-up on their phones when they need to sign in their Google accounts again for whatever reason. Previously, if you wanted to securely log into your Google accounts from an iPhone, you'd need to use a physical key or an Android phone.

The Advanced Protection Program is arguably the best way to secure access to all of your documents and information you've stored in your Google account. It acts as an additional layer of security to an account password, and often comes in the form of a text message with a code. Now though, Google is allowing iPhones to work as a 2FA security key.

Visit myaccount.google.com/security using a supported browser, like Chrome.

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Under "Signing in to Google", select 2-Step Verification. There are still some situations in which Google will prompt two security keys as a requirement to APP enrollment, but if you come through the program's homepage, you should be able to just link up a single mobile device and be done with it.

This means that iPhone users can now be part of Google's Advanced Protection Program - the company's security for those who're at significant risk of a breach online, such as journalists and politicians - without having to purchase separate security keys. We've also refreshed the app's design to make it easier to use.

The company said it considers the updates especially timely, to safeguard against foreign interference amid "attacks on the rise and many major events on the horizon this year like the USA elections in November", a blog post announcing the changes said.

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