Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Meet In Crisis


Flash of Two Worlds: Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Meet In Crisis

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for the final episodes of the Arrow-verse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Supergirl, Black Lightning, Arrow, Batwoman, and The Flash now inhabit the same universe thanks to Oliver Queen's valiant last stand against the Anti-Monitor. However, this season's installment was something else entirely.

First of all, we have to address this tweet from Marc Guggenheim, the co-creator of the Arrowverse and the executive producer of Crisis on Infinite Earths: @Mguggenheim shares that the cost of getting Ezra Miller would roughly be the price of four kidneys.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Beth Schwartz opened up about Ollie's fate, as she assured fans that the demise of the Lazarus Pit-resurrected character is permanent on this occasion.

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"He is really dead this time", Schwartz told The Hollywood Reporter.

Looking ahead, Lotz tells EW that she believes the Green Arrow's passing will challenge the Waverider's captain.

We were series wrapped on "Arrow", and we were wrapped on the whole crossover. The main CW shows have all been added to a single Earth, with the in-story reason being that they're the homeworlds of the seven "Paragon" characters who saved the entirety of existence, but there are plenty of other worlds out there. That will serve as the backdoor pilot for a new female-centric show.

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Truly, it is impressive that a cameo this big was kept secret until the reveal. "Every single character on the shows have their own relationship and emotional connection to that character and they'll forever be changed by his death".

@Geeksofcolor is stoked to see Ezra appear during Crisis on Infinite Earths. That humble beginning led to annual interactions between the Justice League of Earth-1 (Barry's home) and Earth-2 (Jay's home), and then a bigger and bigger DC multiverse, which eventually prompted comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths series, which condensed and simplified things considerably.

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