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New Impeachment Idea Pelosi Should Just Send Second Article to Senate 2Alex Wroblewski Getty Joel B. Pollak12 Jan 2020

President Trump on Sunday injected fresh instability into final preparations for the Senate's impeachment trial, suggesting that senators should dismiss the House's charges of high crimes and misdemeanors against him outright rather than dignifying them with a full tribunal.

If the Senate fails to subpoena Bolton - and Trump said Friday in an interview on Fox that he might invoke executive privilege to block Bolton's testimony - Pelosi said it was "not excluded" that the House might then move to subpoena him.

"Given where things stand right now, there's only one smart solution: Get out of this as quickly as possible", said Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis, former chief of staff for Sen.

Pelosi claimed she will send out the write-ups of impeachment to the Senate today. He's working with the White House, per se.

The White House is preparing for some Republican senators to join Democrats in voting to call witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial, which could get underway in the coming days.

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McConnell said behind closed doors that he plans to maintain Senate guidelines for impeachment and keep the chamber in session six days a week - Monday through Saturday - until the impeachment trial is over.

A source familiar with McConnell's decision to support the resolution said he backed "the spirit" of Hawley's idea given the frustration over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to hold onto the articles for more than three weeks, but wasn't planning to push forward on it given its prospects. "However, we want the American people to see the truth, and why are [Republicans] afraid of the truth?" He has also said he would like to hear from the whistleblower, along with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and Joe and Hunter Biden.

A major difference between Pelosi and McConnell is whether witnesses will be called.

The tension lies not in the facts of the case but in the politics of convincing voters that Trump is unfit for the presidency before November's election.

The speaker delivered her remarks only days before a Senate impeachment trial is expected to begin - the third time a USA president will have faced potential removal from office following impeachment by the House.

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The Democratic-run House has not yet set the timing for this week's vote to transmit the impeachment articles to the Senate.

McConnell is reluctant to pursue any more witnesses at all, wary of dragging out the Senate trial.

Republican senators have followed their leader, regardless of the oath they will take to be impartial jurors. So there shouldn't be any mystery to that, ' Pelosi insisted in her interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos over the weekend.

A template for the witness subpoena, included in the Senate rules, summons them to appear before the Senate.

In September, the impeachment inquiry, which Nancy Pelosi initiated over a complaint by an anonymous whistleblower, is looking into White House's alleged efforts to withhold military aid to have Ukraine investigate a Trump's political rival, Joe Biden. Some Republican senators have introduced a proposal to change Senate rules and simply dismiss the articles. "It's looking for trouble", she said. In a Republican-led Senate, it stood to reason that Donald Trump had no reason to fear a conviction that would bring his presidency to a premature end.

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What they're saying: "That was a awful statement to make publicly", said Don E. of McConnell's comments.

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