"Morbius" Teaser Trailer Released

The first image of Jared Leto revealed as Morbius, the Marvel vampire

Frightening first look at Jab Leto's Morbius leaks online

With the cat now well and truly out of the bag that July 31st's Morbius will exist within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's now an update on the finer details of this Jared Leto-starrer.

At the end of the trailer for Jared Leto's Morbius, Michael Keaton approaches the Living Vampire in an alley way and says "Michael Morbius, got exhausted of doing the whole good guy thing huh?" Morbius is the vampire of Marvel par excellence and following the criticisms received with Venom, Sony He has prepared for his next major premiere. Details on that are still early. This looks a lot like Batman Begins, with Bats and a rich guy doing weird things, except he actually becomes a vampire rather than just acts like a bat.

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Sony released their first trailer for their upcoming superhero flick, Morbius.

Wild as it is to believe, Sony really meant what it said when the studio announced its plans to move forward with a movie about Morbius, Marvel Comics' most famous vampire who isn't Blade.

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At first, it appears that his gamble was a success. In the "Morbius" trailer he would appear to be sporting the same prison garb that he was wearing at the end of "Homecoming".

We still have no idea how this movie will cross over with Venom (if it will at all, that is), but considering that Michael Keaton appears in the trailer, presumably reprising his role as Adrian Toomes/Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming, it appears that Morbius will be directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The other Spider-Man reference saw a piece of grafitti depicting the web-slinger with "murderer" spray painted over the top, potentially referencing the world thinking Spider-Man murdered Mysterio in Far From Home. Morbius is the second film in Sony's Spider-Man/Marvel franchise following 2018's Venom.

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The jury is still out until the trailer drops, of course, and we can get a good look at both Leto in action and the overall tone of the movie, but this first glimpse at Morbius remains hugely encouraging nonetheless.

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