Teens rescue koalas from Australia bushfires, social media sends love

Australian Bushfires May Have Killed Marsupial Species

Australian wildfires undoing decades of conservation work

The loss of vegetation and wildlife is a disturbing outcome of the wildfires throughout the country.

The populations of the two species are under threat as fires ravage their home of Kangaroo Island off the southern coast of the country, the Independent reported.

"While the primary industry income will be down, tourism can help resurrect (it)".

Meanwhile, experts are fretting about a unique flock of the rare glossy black cockatoos.

Australia's National Parks and Wildlife Service closed Flinders Chase and other protected areas around Kangaroo Island while the fires spread.

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Commenters on Reddit are also praising the boys for helping these creatures.

"Caring for all these animals is quite awesome", said Sam Mitchell, co-owner of the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

Australia has also not ruled out following the United States in imposing further economic sanctions on Iran.

Micah and Caleb drove round Kangaroo Island to rescue koalas. "It's been quite emotional". The park is a popular place for spotting the duck-billed platypus, one of Australia's most beloved species.

On Friday night with the fire approaching, Dana fled with their 18-month-old son, Connor, while Sam stayed behind to defend the park and their dream.

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The island was once considered a safe haven for koalas because the population was free from chlamydia - a disease that can cause blindness, infertility and death that prevails among the mainland koalas.

The couple are now caring for about 18 burned koalas, and they have had to euthanise many more.

The two plan to take care of the rescued koalas till they are often returned to the wild.

She said the creatures have long fascinated her because so little is known about them.

The clip revealed chilling scenes of burnt animal corpses lining a road in Batlow in New South Wales, one of the worst hit by the infernos over the weekend.

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The Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited there today, vowing to help them rebuild.

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