US Congratulates Venezuela Opposition Leader Guaido After Disputed Assembly Election

Venezuela government announces new congress leader opposition denounces fraud

Venezuela's Congress chooses leadership in CaracasMore

Pompeo insisted the vote installing Parra was illegitimate and Guaido remained the country's interim president. The legislature has 167 seats.

The group heaved their weight against the wooden doors of the legislative palace and ran towards the chamber, forcing the few guards inside the palace to give way.

In the parliament building, Parra sat in the speaker's seat while burly men appeared to stand guard at the steps leading up to his seat.

"@JGuaido remains #Venezuela's interim president under its constitution", wrote Michael Kozak, assistant secretary for US Department of State's Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Guaido was then sworn in. The BBC reports there was a power cut, which forced the group to use the flashlights on their smartphones.

"In here, the people are in charge", lawmakers chanted as Guaido entered.

At a press conference at National Assembly headquarters, Parra said that the process of opening a new parliamentary session was carried out with a "regulatory quorum" on Sunday.

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He claimed on Sunday to have been re-elected to his post after holding a legislative session alongside loyal deputies at the offices of an opposition-leaning newspaper. Mr. Guaido was elected as Speaker past year and would later make world news after choosing to become interim president.

The U.S. -backed opposition leader has been recognized by more than 50 countries as Venezuela's legitimate leader but has struggled to maintain support as Maduro fends off his challenge.

While Twitter initially suspected the removed Venezuelan accounts were associated with Russia's Internet Research Agency, in June it said it had new indications they were being operated by "a commercial entity originating in Venezuela". And while refraining to condemn the situation, Mexico called for the democratic process to be followed in the National Assembly vote.

Opposition leaders had expected to reelect Guaido to a second term as chief of the legislature to continue pushing for the ouster of unpopular President Nicolas Maduro.

When asked by reporters for the full list of the legislators who voted for his leadership, Parra said the official tally - which is typically released the same day - was not available.

Suddenly, Guaido breached another entrance behind us, arriving at the gate and pulling his supporters inside.

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Parra said on Monday his priority is to set up a new electoral council to preside over free and fair elections.

Venezuela is at the top of vast oil and mineral resources, but it has been imploding economically and socially in recent years, which critics blame Maduro.

These were the details of the news USA eyes sanctions over growing Russian support for Venezuela for this day. Guaido said 100 deputies voted for him and Parra claimed the support of 81 lawmakers.

Parra, who was elected to congress in 2015, had been expelled from the First Justice opposition party in late 2019 due to corruption allegations, which he has denied.

The US and several other countries have already announced their support for Guaido's re-election.

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