Researchers Develop High-Performance, Low-Impact Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Researchers Develop High-Performance, Low-Impact Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Researchers Develop High-Performance, Low-Impact Lithium-Sulfur Battery

They claim to have developed a new design, which cannot only beat regular Lithium-ion batteries in terms of backup but is also much more affordable to manufacture and favorable for the environment.

Now, though, Monash University researchers have successfully fabricated and patented a Li-S battery that they say doesn't have the same issue, and they're in the process of commercializing it.

Researchers at Australian university have developed a battery which will keep the smartphone charged for five days or provide power to an electric vehicle for 1,000 kilometres.

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An worldwide team of researchers led by Dr Mahdokht Shaibani at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Monash University have solved a major constraint holding back the commercial manufacturing of lithium-sulphur batteries. They also claim such a battery could power an electric auto for over 600 miles, or over 1,000km, on a single charge. Many people have worked on harnessing the potential of lithium-sulfur batteries. On the other hand, the team in Australia have reconfigured the design of sulphur cathodes so that they are able to withstand higher stress loads without declining the overall performance.

Battery manufacturers in Europe and China are interested in upscaling production after further testing, which takes place in Australia this year. Later in 2020, researchers plan to further trial the battery technology in cars and solar panels.

Inspired by a unique bypass architecture recorded for the first time in the treatment of detergent powders in the 1970s, the team devised a method that created links between particles to adapt to stress and offer a level of stability. unmatched in any battery to date.

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Most commercial batteries are lithium-ion, however, lithium-sulphur alternatives have been more attractive due to their high energy density and ability to power objects for a longer duration of time.

The result is a battery that doesn't see a drop in capacity or performance over short periods of time; researchers say this Li-S battery keeps a 99% efficiency for more than 200 cycles.

Associate professor Matthew Hill, who worked with Dr Shaibani, said the Li-S design offers attractive performance, lower manufacturing costs, abundant materials supply easily of processing and reduced environmental footprint.

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The news comes after last year's awarding of the Nobel Prize for chemistry to three figures crucial to the development of lithium-ion battery technology.

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