Fugitive auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn to hold press conference

Carlos Ghosn

Chairman Carlos Ghosn right and his wife Carole in Tokyo

The exact circumstances of Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan are unclear, but dramatic reports continue to emerge, including that he was spirited out of the country inside a box that had been smuggled onto a private jet.

"You are going to die in Japan or you are going to have to get out", Ghosn said, describing his feelings.

Carlos Ghosn went on the attack against Japan's criminal justice system less than two weeks after becoming the world's most famous fugitive with a daring escape to Lebanon.

But over the past year, she has criss-crossed the globe, spearheading a campaign to clear her husband's name. "The allegations are baseless".

"Ghosn is a Lebanese citizen and has the right to be treated on this basis in terms of the competent judiciary and applicable laws, and his entry into Lebanese territory is legal", the Lebanese justice ministry said.

Instead, he says he is the victim of a plot to oust him over concerns about Renault's growing influence over Nissan under his tenure.

Carole Ghosn was a vocal supporter of her husband during his long detention in Japan.

Mr Ghosn's lawyers told him it would be five years before he could expect a judgement, he said. Lebanese authorities have said Ghosn entered the country on a legal passport, casting doubt on the possibility they would hand him over to Japan.

Ghosn was first taken into Japanese custody a year ago, and since then, has been awaiting trial.

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The Turkish private jet company MNG filed a complaint Friday alleging its aircraft were used illegally, and said one employee admitted to falsifying the flight manifest to keep Ghosn off the passenger list.

"I can't accept the fact that fabricating a story and lying about something at such a scale can win or can prevail", he said.

Ghosn pointed to Japan's remarkably high conviction rate, which stands at more than 99% after indictment, to make the point that he would not have received a fair and speedy trial.

Ghosn portrayed his arrest as a plot linked to a decline in the financial performance of Nissan.

He said "there was no trust" in his proposal to merge Nissan with French automaker Renault, of which he was also chairman. He has now been stripped of all his positions.

Japan and Lebanon have no extradition treaty, meaning Ghosn can not be handed over to Japan to face trail without Lebanon agreeing.

His trial was expected to start in April, but it is unlikely that he will return to Japan as Lebanon does not have an extradition treaty with Japan. He also holds Brazilian and Lebanese citizenship.

Renault in France has also handed documents to authorities apparently showing similar financial misconduct amounting to millions of euros.

- claims he fled Japan to protect himself and his family, not to evade justice.

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He said he had been "ripped" from friends and family when arrested.

November 22 - Nissan's board dismisses Ghosn as chairman. As the alliance between Renault and Nissan prospered - bringing in Mitsubishi Motors Corp.in 2016 - Ghosn became the indispensable man at the center of the partnership. He faces fresh arrest warrant over remuneration underreporting that is suspected to have continued through March 2018.

Asked about these allegations by AFP, Ghosn complained there was an "army" of Nissan investigators against him and denied any wrongdoing. Ghosn had offered to wear one when he requested bail.

Sources say the authorities questioned the son and daughter last month in the presence of Tokyo prosecutors.

Video footage at Ghosn's home shows him walking out December 29, according to NHK.

The former auto bigwig may have hid in box that was created to carry musical equipment and departed from Japan undetected from the airport in Osaka.

The warrant issued by Tokyo prosecutors accuses Carole Ghosn of falsely claiming not to know, or to have met, people connected to a company that received payments from Nissan Motor Company, part of which it subsequently transferred to a firm owned by Ghosn.

He is due to give a press conference on Wednesday.

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