Democrats should reopen the impeachment inquiry in light of new evidence

John Bolton prepared to testify in Trump impeachment trial

Impeachment TV: John Bolton Says He’s Willing To Testify If Subpoenaed By The Senate

It puts McConnell and Senate Republicans in a position in which they'll have to decide whether to hear from an important witness, who's ready to talk, and who has first-hand information directly relevant to the case, or whether GOP senators will say, "No, thanks, we prefer willful ignorance". But he stopped short, as many senators have, of saying that he would vote to subpoena John Bolton. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., said Tuesday.

"In 1999, every single U.S. senator agreed to establish basic parameters for the start of the trial up front, and we reserved mid-trial questions such as witnesses until later".

At a news conference immediately following December's historic impeachment vote in the House, Pelosi said the process could not be moved forward "until we see what the process is on the Senate side".

So far, the Senate has resisted Democratic calls to allow witnesses in the Senate trial.

He stressed that the chamber can not hold a trial unless and until the House of Representatives transmits the two articles of impeachment adopted last month, accusing Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress pertaining to his dealings with Ukraine. Republicans have a 53-47 majority.

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The House, he said, has concluded its Constitutional responsibility by adopting articles of Impeachment related to the Ukraine matter.

Bolton, who was sacked from his post in September, would become the highest-ranking White House official to appear in impeachment proceedings against Trump.

"Let the House come out to try their case and let's vote", Shelby said. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), now Senate minority leader, who also used those rules to vote for a dismissal at the end of the presentment. Pelosi should deliver the articles on her time frame, not his.

His willingness to comply with a subpoena could complicate the strategy of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has expressed his opposition to the convening of new witnesses. In an effort to protect Trump, Republicans have called for no new witnesses or testimony to be entertained.

Mr Trump, a Republican, was impeached by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives last month.

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Republicans want to proceed with the trial and have the option to call witnesses after opening arguments, citing the Clinton impeachment trial.

A two-thirds majority in the 100-member Senate would be required to convict Trump to remove him from office, meaning at least 20 Republicans would have to turn against the president if all 47 Democrats also vote to convict him.

"I think they've lost their mind", Trump said on Rush Limbaugh's radio program, referring to Democrats.

Fox learned from a Dem source that Pelosi could continue to suspend the indictments ... until there is an agreement ... potentially and specifically for Bolton to testify in the Senate.

"She's always been a big believer in the walk and chew gum theory of legislation - that has always been her mantra", added Manley, who worked for more than two decades in the Senate as an aide to former Massachusetts Sen. Both episodes - his hardline policy against Iran and his alleged coaxing of Ukraine for political favors that led to impeachment - highlight Trump's propensity to resist curbs on his power. "I imagine the president's authorized professionals are going to say it ..." The resolution would allow the House 25 calendars days, from the day the articles were adopted, to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate.

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His colleague, Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana, warned that "most rational people would want to avoid getting pulled into the middle of this sequel to Pulp Fiction".

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